Westheimer String Quartet Fellowship Program

Westheimer String Quartet Fellowship Program 2017


In 2017 the Conservatorium will offer an enhanced performance development opportunity to a string quartet of exceptional potential (Westheimer String Quartet Fellowship). The purpose of this program is to enhance opportunities for artistic development of a string quartet for one year in the area of chamber music studies.

The Westheimer Quartet Fellowship may include participation in selected coaching, mentorships and developmental opportunities at the Conservatorium. These opportunities will be constituted in addition to the Conservatorium’s chamber music program under the Westheimer Quartet Performance Program and may include national or international travel for the Westheimer Quartet and/or a residency of a mentor for the Westheimer Quartet at the Sydney Conservatorium.

Selection process

The details of the Westheimer String Quartet Fellowship Program will be determined by the Conservatorium’s string staff as delegated by the Dean of the Conservatorium. Eligible quartets will need to apply to by 31 May 2017 outlining the history of the quartet and a brief summary of its individual members.

Selection of the quartet will be by audition. Interested quartets must prepare two stylistically diverse full-length quartets for this purpose. Auditions for the program will be held in the week of 12 June. The formal duration of the fellowship program will be from 1 July 2017 until 31 March 2018. Only students who are formally enrolled in either under- or postgraduate degrees at the Conservatorium for both academic semesters of the 2017 academic year are eligible to apply. All students will need to formally commit to participate in the program if successfully selected.

Performance Development Program

The Westheimer String Quartet program will be supported by a maximum of AU$ 13,000 for the year. These funds will be available to support a program of performance, tuition, travel and development as appropriate. The performance development program for the period of the fellowship will be determined immediately following selection of the quartet by the Dean of the Conservatorium. It will include at least two performances in the Conservatorium’s concert series to feature the work of the group as Westheimer String Quartet Fellows during the academic year. In addition to these performances, the quartet may be supported by work with faculty, additional artists, artistic mentors and exceptional visiting artists either resident in Sydney, Australia or invited from overseas.

Summary of timeline

31 May  2017 EoI due (email Kate Drain kate.drain@sydney.edu.au)
Week of 12 June 2017 Auditions. Eligible quartets must prepare two stylistically contrasting, full length string quartets
1 July 2017 Formal commencement of Westheimer Quartet Fellowship
31 March 2018   Formal conclusion of Westheimer Quartet Fellowship