International Tour Policy

Participation and Commitment – International Tours

Attendance at any Sydney Conservatorium of Music Tour is a well-deserved privilege. When a special request is made of you and/or your ensemble regarding additional performances and appearances in advance of, during or after the tour, please treat this request with the generosity of spirit imbued within this opportunity.


I will:

  1. Abide at all times by the provisions of the University of Sydney’s Code of Conduct;
  2. Ensure that at all times their behaviour respects the rights of all participants;
  3. Comply with the instructions of the staff responsible regarding conduct, safety, duties allocated to participants or specific tasks to be completed as part of the University trip;
  4. Read and at all times abide by the safety and operating procedures set out in the information on the course and any such additional information as may be provided;
  5. Ensure that at all times they take no actions that might place at risk their safety or the safety of staff or other students or other persons;
  6. Refrain from the consumption of alcohol or other substances that may affect my ability to safely complete any specified task for the duration of the trip;
  7. Conduct myself at all times so as not to unreasonably disturb other persons or interfere with their ability to complete the specified tasks;
  8. Conduct myself so as to make a positive and constructive contribution to the course of instruction being held;
  9. Wear appropriate clothing;
  10. Carry with me any medication required for my welfare and advise staff as to my health plan if appropriate.


If any student fails to abide by their obligations as set out above by behaving in a manner incompatible or inconsistent with these obligations, the student accepts that:

  1. They may be required to leave the tour at a time specified by the responsible staff member;
  2. They may be required to arrange and meet the costs of their transport back to Sydney, any repairs or property damage resulting from their failure to abide by their obligations, and any additional costs incurred by the University attributable to their behaviour;
  3. The responsible staff member shall be entitled to refer the student’s behaviour to the Dean or Faculty Manager of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music if they fail to abide by their obligations and that they may, as a result, face disciplinary action by the University under the provisions of the Code of Conduct.


I have read and understand my responsibilities and obligations as set out above in respect of my attendance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music International Tour. I agree to abide by these and at all times will conduct myself in a manner consistent and compatible with them.

I understand that all personal costs incurred by participating in the tour are to be met by me.

I am not affected by any illness or impediment that may affect my performance or safety or the safety of others during the course. (If you are please provide details in the online form.)

I am not affected by any condition that may affect any person rendering me first aid. (If you are please provide details in the online form.)

I agree to provide a medical certificate in respect of any details provided above if required to do so by the trip leader or other authorised person.

I understand that the activities scheduled for this tour include me travelling to a foreign country which involves a ‘higher than normal’ level of risk. I also understand that I participate at my own risk and that participation is voluntary. I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, I am able to participate in the planned activities.

I understand that responsibility for my personal belongings is my own.

I recognise that any information I divulge in respect of the above paragraphs will be kept in confidence and used in my best interests and welfare only.