Estivo: European Chamber Music Summer School

Logo of Conservatorio Statale di Musica Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco Verona With the generous support of
Il Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Evaristo Felice Dall’Abaco” di Verona


From Monday 4 to Saturday 16 July 2016 the third European Chamber Music Summer School will take place in Verona, Italy. Estivo will comprise two weeks of intensive small ensemble study and performance opportunities for close to 35 enrolled tertiary students with faculty from Sydney and Europe.

All travel, accommodation and tuition will be provided. All meals will be at the student’s expense.

The home for the Summer School will once again be the Conservatorio di Verona, an historic stone building with a large cloister in its centre often used for outdoor performances during summer. In between learning, rehearsing and performing, students will have an opportunity to attend the Arena di Verona opera festival, as well as visit Milan and Venice.

Ensembles being selected for the 2016 program:

  • 1 x Wind Quintet or 1 x Saxophone Quartet
  • 1 x Brass Quintet
  • 3 x String Quartets or 2 x String Quartets and 1 x HIP Ensemble
    (max. of 4 players)
  • 1 x Piano Trio
  • 3 x Piano Accompanists
  • 6 x Vocalists
  • 1 x Piano Soloist who will be assigned to work with a string quartet

Students audition as part of a pre-formed ensemble and will be assessed by a panel of SCM staff. The highest ranking student ensembles/vocalists will be offered placement in the 2016 Estivo program. Auditions will take place in the third week of March 2016. For more information, please contact Kate Drain.

Please click this link to register for the 2016 Estivo auditions (open to students enrolled at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music only).


  • All students must be currently enrolled at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music at the time of the summer school.
  • All ensembles must submit a 45-60 minute concert repertoire proposal for performance at the 2016 Estivo Summer School.
  • All ensembles to submit a group CV (or a combined page with individual CVs).
  • Students must be available to attend Estivo for the full duration of the Summer School (and arrive in Verona on Sunday 3 July).


  • All singers and piano accompanists must audition in pairs.
  • Auditions open to 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students only.
  • Only vocal students who have not attended Estivo in the past are eligible.
  • See Maree Ryan for audition repertoire suggestions.
  • Any pianist from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music is suitable to accompany the vocal student for the audition.

String Quartets and Piano Trios

  • Open to all string players in ensemble combinations outlined above. Where ensembles are of equal ability, preference will be given to those who have not attended Estivo in the past.
  • Prepare all movements of two contrasting string quartets.
  • See Goetz Richter for audition repertoire suggestions.


  • 5 pianists in total will be selected to attend Estivo 2016; 3 students will be accompanying singers, 1 student will be working as part of a piano trio and 1 will be allocated to work with a string quartet.
  • Pianists who have attended Estivo in the past are only eligible to audition as part of an instrumental ensemble or to work with a string quartet.
  • Pianists wanting to attend as vocal accompanists must audition in a pair with the vocal applicant.
  • Pianists wishing to work with an instrumental ensemble may audition solo and the successful applicant will be matched with a string quartet in advance of the summer school. Solo audition applications to prepare 15 minutes of own choice repertoire.
  • Pianists wishing to work with an instrumental ensemble may also prepare in advance and audition with that ensemble (piano trios and piano quartets).
  • Prepare 2 contrasting works and see Paul Rickard-Ford for audition repertoire suggestions.


  • Open to all brass players in quintet formation.
  • See Andrew Evans for repertoire suggestions.


  • Open to all wind players in quintet formation or as a saxophone quartet.
  • See Andrew Barnes for repertoire suggestions.

Historically Informed Performance

  • Open to all students involved in Historically Informed Performance Unit with Neal Peres da Costa.
  • Maximum of 4 players in the selected ensemble.
  • Prepare all movements of two contrasting works.


Details of the teaching staff at the 2016 Estivo European Chamber Music Summer School will be available shortly.


Attendance at Estivo is a well-deserved privilege. Each student who participates in this opportunity will abide by the Estivo Participation and Commitment rules.

For more information please contact Kate Drain.