Estivo: European Chamber Music Summer School

With the generous support of Il Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Evaristo Felice Dall’Abaco” di Verona and “Conservatorio di Musica “Lucio Campiani”, Mantova

Logo of Conservatorio Statale di Musica Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco Verona  Logo for Conservatorio Di Musica, Lucio Campiani, MantovaLogo for Associazione Culturale, Amici del Conservatorio di Mantova


From Monday 6 to Saturday 18 July 2015 the second European Chamber Music Summer School will take place in Verona, Italy. Estivo will comprise two weeks of intensive small ensemble study and performance opportunities for up to 49 SCM enrolled tertiary students with faculty from Sydney and Europe.

All travel, accommodation and tuition will be provided.

The home for the Summer School will once again be the Conservatorio di Verona, an historic stone building with a large cloister in its centre often used for outdoor performances during summer. In between learning, rehearsing and performing, students will have an opportunity to attend the Arena di Verona opera festival, as well as visit Milan and Venice.


Details of the teaching staff at the 2015 Estivo European Chamber Music Summer School can be found here: Estivo teaching staff.


Congratulations to the following students who were successfully selected for the Estivo 2015 Summer School Program.

Piano Trio 1 Pavle Cajic
Piano Trio 1 Victor avila
Piano Trio 1 William Raftery
Piano Trio 2 Alex Zhang
Piano Trio 2 Yejin Min
Piano Trio 2 Conrad Hamill
String Quartet  1 Anthony De Battista
String Quartet  1 Amanda Chen
String Quartet  1 Vicky Zhang
String Quartet 1 Wendy Kong
String Quartet  2 Benjamin Tjoa
String Quartet 2 Gemma Lee
String Quartet 2 Julia Doukakis
String Quartet 2 Vincent Lo
String Quartet 3 Mishi Stern
String Quartet 3 Christine Hana King
String Quartet 3 Cora Fabri
String Quartet 3 Marc Valpiani
Piano Solo Tingchia Hsu
Vocal Sarah Wang
Vocal Nyssa Milligan
Vocal Paul Sutton
Vocal Thomas Marshall
Vocal Caroline King
Vocal Jeremy Dube
Brass Quintet Jenna Smith
Brass Quintet Tyler Wilkinson
Brass Quintet Arianne Rooney
Brass Quintet Jackson Bankovic
Brass Quintet Liam Acheson
HIP Jemma Thrussell
HIP Annie Gard
HIP Shaun Stewart
HIP Theo Small
HIP Esther Kim
HIP Thea Turnbull
Woodwind Quintet 1 Toshiyuki Hosogaya
Woodwind Quintet 1 Elissa Koppen
Woodwind Quintet 1 Jordy Meleunbrokes
Woodwind Quintet 1 Nicholas Mooney
Woodwind Quintet 1 Yeri Kim
Woodwind Quintet 2 Eve Osborn
Woodwind Quintet 2 Alison Wormell
Woodwind Quintet 2 Max Harris
Woodwind Quintet 2 Gemma Lawton
Woodwind Quintet 2 Kathryn Ramsay