Realise your creative passion with music and visual arts electives that will unleash your imagination and open up inspiring new possibilities within your chosen degree.

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music is based in Sydney’s CBD and also located on the University’s Camperdown Campus at the Seymour Centre. We offer an exciting range of electives, which are practical, hands-on and focused on developing your creative, conceptual, theoretical and technical skills in music. Excellent facilities support your learning across all subject areas.

You don’t have to be enrolled in a music degree to study music at the University of Sydney. Choose from our suite of music electives to transform your chosen degree to suit your creative interests.

Requisites apply to some of these electives. Please check the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Handbook for more information on the full range of electives on offer in 2018.

Sydney Conservatorium of Music – 2017 Ensemble Electives

ENSE1017 Wind Orchestra
ENSE1015 Choir (also ENSE1002, ENSE1019)
JAZZ1029 Jazz Small Ensemble (also JAZZ1030)
JAZZ1000 Jazz Large Ensemble (also JAZZ1001)
ENSE2300 Gamelan (also ENSE2301)
PERF2600 Chinese Music Ensemble
(no prior experience needed)
PERF2610 Repertoire Orchestra
(play for our postgraduate conducting students)

Arts Music – 2017 Electives 

Semester 1 2017

MUSC1503 Fundamentals of Music 1
MUSC1501 Extended Fundamentals of Music
MUSC1507 Sounds, Screens, Speakers: Music and Media
MUSC2672 A Certain Beat: Australian Popular Music
MUSC2612 Music Performance
MUSC2614 Composition Workshop
MUSC2615 Advanced Concepts
MUSC2622 Music in the Sixties
MUSC2638 Jazz Hipsters and Hegemony
MUSC2644 Introduction to the Philosophy of Music
MUSC2653 Introduction to Digital Music Techniques
MUSC2693 Fundamentals of Music 3
MUSC3601 Contemporary Music Making 1
MUSC3610 Musical Traditions and Globalization
MUSC3639 Music Journalism
MCGY2614 Musical Worlds of Today
VSAO3601 Stage Fundamentals for Singers


Semester 2 2017

MUSC1503 Fundamentals of Music 1
MUSC1504 Fundamentals of Music 2
MUSC1506 Music in Western Culture
MUSC2613 Music Ensembles Performance
MUSC2622 Music in the 60’s
MUSC2631 Music & Everyday Life
MUSC2645 Psychology of Music
MUSC2666 Global Sounds
MUSC3602 Contemporary Music-Making 2
MUSC3603 Advanced Digital Music Techniques
MUSC3609 Musicology
MUSC3699 Understanding Music
MCGY3617 Music through Literature