Woodwind Audition Requirements


If you would like more advice about appropriate repertoire choice please contact the staff listed for your instrument.

Principal study is available in bassoon, clarinet, flute, oboe and saxophone. Please refer to the Historical Performance page for audition requirements for recorder and Baroque flute.

You will have an audition of approximately 10-15 minutes. The panel will be looking for you to demonstrate a refinement of tone, technique and musicality. Audition material should include at least two or more contrasting pieces, or excerpts of pieces, of around 10 minutes duration. At least one piece must be with accompaniment.

Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe
If you are applying for saxophone, clarinet or oboe, you should also be prepared to present all major and minor scales in whichever format you are accustomed to practising.

In addition to the flute applicant’s own choice pieces, they must also prepare Exercise #1 in all keys from Seven Daily Exercises Op. 5 by M.A. Reichert, Exercise #13 in B minor from Ernesto Koehler’s Flute Studies Op. 33 Book 1 and Gabriel Faure’s Morceau de Concours for Flute and Piano.  The Faure must be accompanied at the audition.

Bassoon candidates may be required to present major, harmonic and melodic minor scales and arpeggios up to three sharps and flats in whichever format you are accustomed to practising.