Please note: Only Classical Voice is available at undergraduate level.

Accompaniment for Live Auditions
A professional accompaniment can be provided at the live audition.  Please note if you intend to use an accompanist provided by the Conservatorium, no practice time is available with the accompanist.  Ensure you bring your Music to the audition.  No recorded accompaniment is permitted.  Alternatively, you may arrange your own accompaniment.

Music Skills Test
Since prior music skills development is essential for successful study at the Sydney Conservatorium, the Music Skills Test must be completed. The test is held at the Conservatorium during the audition/interview period and is designed to assess whether you have a sufficient level of music literacy in harmony and aural perception to cope with the demands of the course. As a guide, the minimum level of skills possessed should be at the level of the New South Wales Music 2 syllabus (formerly 2 Unit Music) or AMEB Level 6 Musicianship or equivalent. Results of the Music Skills Test supplement the information provided by other aspects of the audition process. If you are successful, the results also help to determine streaming in aural and harmony subjects. All applicants must sit the test during the audition period, preferably on the day of your audition.

Bachelor of Music (Performance), Bachelor of Music (Music Education, Bachelor of Music Studies, and combined degrees

In addition to the Music Skills Test, you should be prepared to perform one work from each of the following categories: a 17th or 18th century Italian song; a Lied (e.g. Schubert or Schumann); a British or American art song of the 20th or 21st century; and a song of your own choice.

All works should be performed from memory. Typically the panel will hear two pieces only and you may be required to demonstrate the capacity to read music.