Accompaniment for Live Auditions

Applicants (with the exception of guitar applicants) are required to provide their own Accompanist. If applicants require assistance, the Conservatorium of Music can provide a list of recommended Accompanists.  Arrangements and costs is solely between the applicant and their chosen Accompanist. Please email: for details.

Online Audition Submission
Where possible, you should attend a live audition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. If you are an interstate or international applicant and cannot attend in person, you may submit an audition on-line. The recordings must be no older than six weeks at the time of submission.
  Audio-only recordings will not be accepted.

All Postgraduate Degrees on All Instruments
You should prepare a 50-minute program including a major sonata or concerto, or movements from either, plus a virtuoso piece and some movements of Bach.