Percussion Audition Requirements

  1. Technical requirements
    Snare drum – demonstrate from the 40 PAS International Drum Regiments: single, multi-bounce and double stroke rolls; diddle combinations; flam combinations; and drag combinations. Timpani – demonstrate: long roll (P, F, <,>); tune two timpani in 4ths and/or 5ths from a given A; and damping techniques. Xylophone, Marimba or Vibraphone – demonstrate all major and minor scales and triad arpeggios (2 octaves)
  2. Prepared program
    One short work, or movement from a work, for each of the following: snare drum; timpani and xylophone, marimba or vibraphone
  3. Sight reading: snare drum, xylophone, marimba and/or vibraphone