Percussion – Study Options

Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Postgraduate Audition Requirements

We offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree options in percussion. The undergraduate percussion program is dedicated to the formation of comprehensive foundations in solo, chamber music and large ensemble performance. Postgraduate studies are designed to support each student’s particular areas of focus and specialisation.

Australia’s leading percussionists are on staff with professional links to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Australia Opera and Ballet Orchestras.  Recent International visitors have included Colin Curry, Brian Zator, Alan Cumberland, JB Smith, Joby Burgess, Wei-Chen Lin and Mark Ford.

Percussion Staff


Amy Vitucci Student Profile – Amy Vitucci
Bachelor of Music (Performance – Percussion)

“From a young age I felt drawn to music; it’s something that never ceases to open all my senses. I’ve had the chance to work with lots of different instruments and with many musical genres.

“Although classically trained, I’m currently veering more towards a contemporary approach that will not necessarily be percussion dominant, but will still include it.

“I’ve done numerous projects, including internal orchestral studies repertoire, solo recitals, work with composers and external drum lines, chamber ensembles and orchestral works.

“Being in such an enveloped music environment allows awareness of auditions and competitions that arise within your principal area of study. Pick something you love and pursue it.”