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Postgraduate Audition Requirements

Music educators train the musicians of tomorrow. Our Music Education program immerses students in our melting pot of performance, composition and teaching. While preparing to become accredited classroom teachers, our music education students undertake a principal study in performance (jazz or classical), musicology or composition

Cultural diversity and field-based experience are central to the music education programs, and internships in schools play a vital part in each student’s experience. Our practical and creative programs include popular music ensembles, bands and choirs, studio and classroom teaching and non-Western instrumental groups.

Research by music education students and staff combines education with ethnomusicology, sociology, psychology, history and cultural studies. Research areas are wide ranging from early childhood through school and university systems, to studio teaching, community music activity, popular music, music therapy and non-notated music traditions. Our internationally recognised music education scholars are published in books and major journals.

Music Education Staff