You should submit at least three compositions (in different performance media) which represent your present level of achievement as a composer, present a 1500-2000 word summary of your proposed area of research/creative work and attend an interview.

After receiving your compositions, Conservatorium staff will invite you to attend a personal interview to discuss your compositions, background as a composer, commitment to musical composition and interest in becoming a professional composer. On the basis of the compositions and the interview, the Conservatorium staff will assess your potential to develop into a composer working at a professional level.

Compositions must be submitted at the time of application and each work submitted must include your application number and your name. Applicants who do not submit their compositions by the audition closing date will not be invited for an interview.

Compositions must be posted or hand delivered to the address below:

Student Administration Office
Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Level 3, Room 3012
Cnr Bridge & Macquarie Streets

1 Conservatorium Road
Sydney NSW 2000

Compositions will be retained by the Conservatorium until 31 March. If you wish to collect your compositions, please do so before this date or they will be discarded. Compositions can be collected from the Student Administration Office. Portfolios will not be returned to applicants by mail.