Collaborative Piano

Collaborative Piano study options

Postgraduate Audition Requirements

Collaborative Piano and Repetiteur Streams        

The collaborative piano stream is designed to provide high-quality experience in ensemble playing and collaborative work for those students who have begun to work towards a career as a pianist who chooses to work with other musicians. Students gain experience in chamber music, instrumental duo, vocal collaboration, choral accompaniment and orchestral keyboard, with a wide range of repertoire studied.

Students auditioning for the collaborative piano stream are expected to demonstrate ability and experience in ensemble playing, some familiarity with standard keyboard and instrumental literature, as well as proficiency in sight reading.

The Repetiteur stream allows accomplished pianists to develop the knowledge skills which professional opera companies require of repetiteurs: repertoire, score reading, languages, vocal coaching, and where appropriate work with singers and producers in opera encounters and production as part of the ensemble program.

Students auditioning for the Repetiteur stream are expected to demonstrate solo performance and accompaniment skills, vocal coaching ability, and show an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a repetiteur.

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