Accompaniment for Live Auditions

Applicants are required to provide their own Accompanist. If applicants require assistance, the Conservatorium of Music can provide a list of recommended Accompanists.  Arrangements and costs is solely between the applicant and their chosen Accompanist. Please email:  ivy.chu@sydney.edu.au for details.

Music Skills Test

Since prior music skills development is essential for successful study at the Sydney Conservatorium, the Music Skills Test must be completed. The test is held at the Conservatorium during the audition/interview period and is designed to assess whether you have a sufficient level of music literacy in harmony and aural perception to cope with the demands of the course. As a guide, the minimum level of skills possessed should be at the level of the New South Wales Music 2 syllabus (formerly 2 Unit Music) or AMEB Level 6 Musicianship or equivalent. Results of the Music Skills Test supplement the information provided by other aspects of the audition process. If you are successful, the results also help to determine streaming in aural and harmony subjects. All applicants must sit the test during the audition period, preferably on the day of your audition.


Bachelor of Music (Performance)

  1. Prepared program consisting of one movement from a major concerto or sonata and one other contrasting solo work from the standard repertoire.
  2. One orchestral excerpt as below:
    Horn: Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 5, 1st horn, second movement, beginning to measure 29
    Trumpet: Mussorgsky/Ravel – Pictures from an Exhibition, 1st trumpet, Promenade, measures 1-8
    Trombone: Mozart – Requiem, Tuba Mirum
    Bass Trombone: Haydn – Creation, no. 26, beginning to letter C
    Euphonium: Holst – The Planets, Mars, figure 4 to four bars before 6
    Tuba:  Wagner – Die Meistersinger, Overture, letter J to letter L
  3. Music Skills Test


Bachelor of Music (Education), Bachelor of Music Studies and combined degrees

  1. Technical requirements: All major and minor scales and arpeggios
  2. Prepared program: One advanced study; two contrasting pieces with piano accompaniment
  3. Music Skills Test