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The Arts Music Unit at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music provides study opportunities in music as part of an arts degree or a combined degree (such as arts/commerce, arts/law and arts/science). Courses are designed both for students who intend to make music their profession and for those who will pursue other careers. Available to students from all faculties, the courses cover a broad range of studies of music – in society, in culture and in performance. We welcome students from all musical backgrounds, including those with no prior musical experience.

Based at the University of Sydney’s Camperdown Campus in the Seymour Centre and the Old Darlington School, the Arts Music Unit offers courses and subjects ranging from general studies of the language of music to performance, composition and musicology. Students can major in music (at pass or honours level) as part of a Bachelor of Arts degree or any combined arts degree.

Study Options

Arts Music Units of Study

Download the 2016 Arts Music Unit Guide (pdf 0.3mb).

For detailed information about Units of Study please check the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Handbook (search for ‘Music’).

Arts Music Pathways and Options

Read more about the many pathways for our arts music students. Arts Music Pathways and Options.

Sydney Conservatorium of Music Units of Study

Choose from a number of units of study offered at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to enhance your degree to suit your creative interests. You don’t have to be enrolled in a Bachelor of Music to study music – our units of study are available to students in all degrees at the University of Sydney. Some units require prerequisites and/or audition.

For detailed information about further elective Units of Study, please check the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Handbook.

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