Completed Postgraduate Research Theses

Search in the table below for inspiration about topics and supervisors of past postgraduate students 2006-2015, with links to the relevant record in the Postgraduate Theses collection hosted by the Sydney eScholarship service in the University of Sydney Library.

StudentYearDegreeThesis titleSupervisorAuxiliary
Alexander Pozniak2014M.Mus. (Composition)Portfolio of CompositionsMatthew HindsonMichael Smetanin
Brendan Clarke2014M.Mus. (Performance)An Investigation of the background, influences and performance practices of five Sydney based Jazz Double BassistsCraig Scott Phillip Slater
Gary Holgate2014Ph.D.Interactions in improvised music: people at playAnna Reid Craig Scott
Robin Wilson2014Ph.D.Style and Interpretation in the nineteenth-century German violin school with particular reference to the three sonatas for pianoforte and violin by Johannes BrahmsNeal Peres Da Costa Goetz Richter
Ursula Caporali2014Ph.D.Deconstructing The StructureMichael Smetanin Ivan Zavada
Stephen Lalor2014Ph.D.Ethnicities of SoundDamien Ricketson Michael Smetanin
Ulisses Coutinho Amaral2014Ph.D.Not From Here, Not From There... Sinfonia Opus 43: Henrique Oswald (1852-1931): Critical Edition, Context And CommentaryPeter McCallumImre Pallo
Chang-Ning Chai2014D.M.A.The Dizi (Chinese Bamboo Flute) its representation repertoires in the years from 1949 to 1985Anna Reid Michael Webb
Charlotte Olivia Fetherston2014D.M.A.Alfred Hill's Viola Concerto: Analysis, Compositional Style and Performance AestheticGoetz Richter Roger Benedict
Yae Ji Kim2014M.Mus. (Performance)The clavichord during the classical era: A gentle voice but a giant among keyboardsNeal Peres Da Costa Alan Maddox
Kirill Monorosi2014Ph.D.The unknown piano works of Cesar CuiPaul Rickard-Ford David Larkin
Michael Ingle2014M.Mus. (Performance)Evaluation of a trial of an e-health promotion course aimed at Australian tertiary music studentsBronwen AckermannScott Kinmont
Darren Wicks2014Ph.D.Voices of Learning: Exploring Music Teacher Knowledge, Skills and Development in Secondary School singing.Jennifer Rowley Anna Reid
Mee Lojewski2014M.Mus. (Performance)Galant and Grotesque Aesthetics in the Musical Language of Haydn's Cello Concerti. Cello Concerto in C Major (c.1765) Cello Concerto in D Major (1783)Goetz Richter Susan Blake
Zane Banks2014Ph.D.The Electric Guitar in Contemporary Art MusicMatthew HindsonHelen Mitchell
Rebecca Dianne Doratis Gill2014M.Mus. (Performance)The nineteenth-century aesthetics of violin composition in Bohemia and Moravia: A comparison of the repertoire for violin and piano by Antonin Dvorak and Leos JanacekDavid Larkin Goetz Richter
Shane Landry2014M.Mus. (Performance)Beyond Ideas: The Melodic shapes in selected improvisations of saxophonist David BinneyPhillip Slater Craig Scott
David Rohan Crowden2014M.Mus. (Performance)"Alla Tromba Della Fama" (To the trumpet of fame): The impact of instrumental idiom on vocal performance practice in trumpet arias composed for Nicolini and his contemporariesAlan Maddox Andrew Evans
Sarah Ellyn Butler2014M.Mus. (Musicology)Music Inside the walls: Mapuche expressive culture and identity in the context of a Southern Chile Boarding schoolMichael Webb Peter Dunbar-Hall
Genevieve Campbell2014Ph.D.Ngarukuruwala: The role of recordings in the preservation and maintenance of traditional improvisatory practices in Tiwi song makingLinda BarwickSally Treloyn
Shaun Kam Fook Ng2013D.M.A.Ornamentation in Marin Marais pieces de VioleAlan Maddox Daniel Yeadon
Kate Moore2013Ph.D.The point of origin: six essays on six piecesMichael Smetanin Trevor Pearce
Colin Black2013Ph.D.Radio Art: An Artist's Research And Practice 2008-2012Anthony HoodTrevor Pearce
Jurjen Van Geenen2013Ph.D.Formal methods for the design of imitative polyphonic structuresIvan ZavadaMichael Smetanin
Philip Mann2013Ph.D.The Conductor conducted: Mahler, the orchestra and performanceNeil McEwan Imre Pallo
Jung Irons2013Ph.D.Singing intervention for young people with cystic fibrosisPeter PetoczDiana Kenny
Christopher Sainsbury2013Ph.D.Portfolio of Compositions: Working as a Regionalist Composer-The music of Christopher SainsburyAnne Boyd Trevor Pearce
Benedict Eris Carey2013M.Mus. (Composition)Notation sequence generation and sound synthesis in interactive spectral musicIvan ZavadaAnthony Hood
Paul Cutlan2013M.Mus. (Composition)Different Every Time: The integration of improvisation into Through-Composed MusicTrevor PearceMichael Smetanin
Richard Fowler2013M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)'I just want to be a successful artist': Professional pathways to musical theatre careersJennifer Rowley Anna Reid
Joy Chi-Ching Ng2013M.Mus. (Musicology)Man or Mask? Artistic Identity and the music of RavelDavid Larkin Kathleen Nelson
Natalia Andreeva2013Ph.D.Analysis and Interpretation of the Piano Sonatas of Galina UstvolskayaPaul Rickard-Ford Gerardus Willems
Jamie Kennedy2013M.Mus. (Performance)Learning approaches in tertiary student orchestrasAnna Reid Scott Kinmont
Evan Streater2013M.Mus. (Performance)Out of Practice: An investigation of historical performance practices and their relevance todayNeal Peres Da Costa Gerardus Willems
Karina Aida Filipi2013M.Mus. (Performance)The process of creating a collaborative tuba composition: An investigation into the relationship between a composer and performerMichael Smetanin Steven Rosse
Phillip Rutherford2013Ph.D.Aurora--An Opera in Two Acts. Based on events in the life of Norwegian scientist, Kristian BirkelandAnne Boyd Trevor Pearce
Amy Walsh2013M.Mus. (Performance)The Image of the TubaAnna Reid Steven Rosse
Timothy Clarkson2013M.Mus. (Performance)Chromatic thirds relations in the improvisations of Mark TurnerPhillip Slater Craig Scott
Peter Smith2013M.Mus. (Performance)Computer aided statistical analysis of motive use and compositional idiomDavid Larkin Michael Duke
Luke Gilmour2013D.M.A.Job satisfaction among freelance school conductors in New South WalesNeil McEwan Imre Pallo
Jy-Perry Banks2013M.Mus. (Performance)Voices of the Australian Tuba: A Consideration of Factors influencing its Changing Sound and Musical StatusAnna Reid Steven Rosse
Skye Mcintosh2013M.Mus. (Performance)Singing and the violin: Portamento and Vibrato practices applied to Beethoven's violin sonatasNeal Peres Da Costa Marina Robinson
Carolyn Watson2013Ph.D.Gesture as communication: The art of Carlos KleiberKathleen Nelson Imre Pallo
Christopher Ellis2013M.Mus. (Performance)Pan-Stylism in the Music of Dave DouglasCraig Scott Phillip Slater
Mark Lipski2013M.Mus. (Performance)The use of method books by expert double bass teachers in SydneyJames RenwickAlexander Henery
Ming-Hui Ma2013Ph.D.A comparison between Chinese Pipa and Indian Sitar in contemporary performancePeter Dunbar-HallJonathan Stock
Giuseppe Zangari2013M.Mus. (Performance)Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829): Instrumental and Vocal style in le sei RossinianeAlan Maddox Goetz Richter
Rowena Watts2013M.Mus. (Performance)The industry standards of performance at orchestral clarinet auditions in Australia: A study of Orchestral Clarinettists' expectations of Performance of selected Orchestral excerpts at an auditionAlexandra StillFrancesco Celata
Thomas Rann2013M.Mus. (Performance)Defining an Israeli school of cello pedagogy and performance through an analysis of the teaching of Professor Uziahu WieselAnna Reid Helen Mitchell
Anthony Clarke2013D.M.A.Realising the Ninth: Werktreue and the evolution of score modification with specific reference to the performance and recorded history of Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in D minor, Op. 125Neil McEwan Imre Pallo
Jakab Kaufmann2013M.Mus. (Performance)Rhythm as a structural element in Paul Hindemith's Kammermusik seriesLewis Cornwell Neil McEwan
Mark Pinner2012Ph.D.Mr. Luscombe Searelle, the Popular ComposerKathleen Nelson Lewis Cornwell
Shaun Barlow2012M.Mus. (Performance)Beatbox Flute: An Historical Account, Performance Manual and notational guideAlexandra StillChristopher Coady
Christopher Shepard2012Ph.D.Evolution and Revolution: J.S. Bach's Mass in B Minor, BWV 232 in New York City, 1900-1980Kathleen Nelson Alan Maddox
Faeron Pileggi2012M.Mus. (Performance)An examination of Robert Aitken's works for multiple flutes with a particular emphasis on his usage of extended techniques and suggestions for performanceAlexandra StillMichael Duke
Alastair Magarey2012M.Mus. (Performance)Luciano Berio's works for trombone and the performers' influencesAlan Maddox Andrew Evans
Anthony Lewis2012Ph.D.Becoming a Garamut Drummer in Baluan Island, Manus Province, Papua New GuineaMichael Webb Peter Dunbar-Hall
Adam Paliwala2012Ph.D.Creole/superstrate code-switching: Analysing the dynamic relationship between Tok Pisin and English in Papua New GuineaLinda BarwickJane Simpson
Brett McKern2012Ph.D.The Evening Canticles: A creative responseMatthew HindsonAnne Boyd
Daniel Rojas2012Ph.D.Recontextualising rhythms and rituals: A portfolio of compositions inspired by Latin American music and esoteric traditionsAnne Boyd Michael Smetanin
Jennifer Carter2012M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)Assessment practice in Year 10 Elective Music in New South Wales secondary schoolsJennifer Rowley Peter Dunbar-Hall
Cassandra Franulovich2012M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)Student engagement for enhanced learning in diverse school communities: A culturally inclusive approach through music educationKathryn Marsh Michael Webb
Hayden Woolf2012M.Mus. (Composition)Analysis of two works: Red Liquid triangular condition and next minute paints Kate's collapseTrevor PearceMichael Smetanin
Ana Lin2012M.Mus. (Musicology)Music and Faith: Martin Luther and the Musical Practices of a Portuguese Speaking Pentecostal Church in SydneyCharles Fairchild Kathleen Nelson
Thomas O'Halloran2012M.Mus. (Composition)Sustained Aspects and Precursors: towards a stylistic synthesisTrevor PearceMichael Smetanin
Anthony Dunstan2012M.Mus. (Composition)Words and Music: Approaches to text-settingMichael Smetanin Mary Finsterer
Marie Heinrich2012M.Mus. (Performance)The Radif of Reza Vali: An analysis of Persian music traditions in the selected Flute repertoire of Reza ValiAlexandra StillMichael Duke
Felicity Wilcox2012Ph.D.Vertical Montage: A folio of concert works for combined mediaDamien Ricketson Michael Smetanin
Angus McPherson2012M.Mus. (Performance)The Glissando Headjoint: Expanding the musical palette of the Flute through Mechanical inventionAlexandra StillMichael Duke
Paul Zaborac2012M.Mus. (Performance)The Saxophone as Accompaniment in Improvised Music: An Exploration through Extended TechniquesMichael Duke Alexandra Still
Darren Saady2012M.Mus. (Performance)Ambiguity in Benjamin Britten's The Turn of the ScrewStephen Mould Stephen Mould
Samantha Paver2012M.Mus. (Performance)The impact of colour on music performanceMichael Duke Helen Mitchell
Meredith Beardmore2012M.Mus. (Performance)Interpretation and Perception in the Era of Historically Informed Performance: A case study of J.S. Bach's Partita in A Minor BWV 1013 for solo FluteNeal Peres Da Costa Hans-Dieter Michatz
Davina Shum2012M.Mus. (Performance)What would Duport do? An observation of the relationship between idiomatic writing and key characteristics in Beethoven's F Major Cello and Piano worksMarina Robinson Susan Blake
Henoch Kristianto2012M.Mus. (Performance)An Eastern Infusion: Indonesian and Western Elements in Ananda Sukarlan's RapsodDavid Larkin Paul Rickard-Ford
Benjamin Waples2012M.Mus. (Performance)The review of resources pertaining to Argo techniques for the double bass and their application to Jazz improvisation in the Swing style.Craig Scott Phillip Slater
Evgeny Sorkin2012D.M.A.Secure foundations of advanced violin playing: Analysing technical development and systematic pedagogical use of etudesGoetz Richter Alice Waten
Wendy Brooks2011M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)In Search of a Place for the Arts: A Case Study of Creative Arts Pedagogy in the 21st Century ClassroomKathryn Marsh Peter Dunbar-Hall
Brook Ayrton2011M.Mus. (Performance)Keith Stirling: An Introduction to his life and examination of his musicWilliam MotzingCraig Scott
Eric LaZar2011M.Mus. (Performance)A Stylistic and Historical Analysis of Left Foot Hight Hat Techniques in Swing, Behop, and Latin Jazz DrummingPhillip Slater Craig Scott
Heather Lindsay2011M.Mus. (Performance)John Phillip Deane 1796-1849 Australian Chamber Music PioneerAlan Maddox Susan Blake
Lesley Cid2011M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)Another Kind of Lesson: An inside investigation of reconciling classroom music pedagogy with private piano teachingJames RenwickKathryn Marsh
Josephine Truman2011M.Mus. (Composition)Extreme Throats: Extended Vocal Techniques in Contemporary Music of the Twentieth and Twenty-first CenturiesWilliam MotzingAnthony Hood
Mark Costa2011M.Mus. (Composition)A Forgotten Pedagogy: The Schillinger System of Musical Composition through the Teaching of Richard BendaWilliam MotzingMichael Smetanin
Elizabeth Willis2011Ph.D.Adolescent Changing Voice: A Developmental Acoustic StudyDianna KennyKeith Howard
Gemma Turner2011Ph.D.Body movement and sound intensity in western contemporary popular singingDianna KennyKeith Howard
Rachel Tolmie2011M.Mus. (Performance)The use of the cor anglais in the music of Sibelius and ShostakovichAlexandra StillNgaire De Korte
John Morphett2011M.Mus. (Performance)Freedom through discipline: the use of rhythmic devices in the music of Mark SimmondsPhillip Slater Craig Scott
Jenna Cave2011M.Mus. (Composition)Portfolio of Compositions: Analytical NotesWilliam MotzingTrevor Pearce
Sandra Nash2011Ph.D.Heather Gell: A Dalcroze Influence in Australian Music Education 1924-1979Peter Dunbar-HallKathryn Marsh
Jeanette Kaparos2011M.Mus. (Musicology)Classic...not plastic: Popular Music and Canonical StatusCharles Fairchild Kathleen Nelson
Emma Hunt2011M.Mus. (Performance)Clarinet sound identities in Australia: perceptions of the Melbourne and Sydney Symphony OrchestrasHelen Mitchell Alexandra Still
Lynda Moorcroft2011Ph.D.Pre-Performance practices: breathing imagery and warm-up for singersDianna KennyKathleen Nelson
Mark Ginsburg2011M.Mus. (Performance)Reaching For An Inner Voice: The Influence of Jewish Cantorial Singing on Jewish Jazz MusiciansPhillip Slater Craig Scott
Joseph Toltz2011Ph.D.Hidden Testimony: musical experience and memory in Jewish Holocaust survivorsKathleen Nelson Cecilia Sun
Lachlan Skipworth2011M.Mus. (Composition)Moments of MA: Aspects of Shakuhachi Honkyoku and their integration into a compositional approachAnne Boyd Michael Smetanin
Lucian McGuiness2011M.Mus. (Performance)A case for Ethnographic enquiry in Australian JazzMichael Webb Kathryn Marsh
Simon Barker2011Ph.D.Scattering Rhythms: The Koreanisation of the Western DrumsetKeith HowardMichael Webb
Kathryn Wemyss2011Ph.D.Music teaching and learning in the Torres Strait Islands: Indigenous music education in a Post-Colonial context.Kathryn Marsh Peter Dunbar-Hall
Matthew Mylne2011Ph.D.Nature, Humanity and the Melee: An expression in MusicTrevor PearceIvan Zavada
Matthew Van Emmerik2011Ph.D.Revelation: The emergence of the Euphonium from the Traditional Brass and Wind Band Culture and its Modern Day Acceptance in Solo, Chamber and Orchestral GenresAlan Maddox Andrew Evans
David Goodman2011Ph.D.Tony William's drumset ideology to 1969: Synergistic emergence from an adaptive modeling of feel, technique and creativity as an archetype for cultivating originality in Jazz drumset performance studiesCharles Fairchild Daryl Pratt
Graeme Skinner2011Ph.D.Toward a general history of Australian musical composition: First national musicJennifer ShawAlan Maddox
Rebecca Romo2011M.Mus. (Performance)Taonga Pūoro and Flute: A guide to interpreting Māori influenced repertoire for Western Flute through works by Whitehead, Fisher, and GrenfellAlexandra StillKathleen Nelson
Jessica Miller2010M.Mus. (Performance)Jean-Joseph Cassanea De Mondonville and the Development of French Accompanied Keyboard MusicNeal Peres Da Costa Alan Maddox
Damian Barbeler2010Ph.D.Shades of Mimesis: Self-similarity and Other Nature-based Inspiration in CompositionMichael Smetanin Trevor Pearce
Andrew Smith2010M.Mus. (Performance)Saxophone Promotion Through Pedagogical TextsChristopher Coady Michael Duke
Mark Shearn2010M.Mus. (Performance)Australia's First Music FestivalAlan Maddox Andrew Evans
Luke Spicer2010M.Mus. (Performance)Orchestral Viola Professional Practice and Performance TechniquesAlan Maddox Goetz Richter
Clare Miller2010M.Mus. (Performance)An Analysis of 'The Lost Art of Letter Writing' by Brett DeanRichard ToopKathleen Nelson
Vanessa Ropa2010M.Mus. (Performance)The Importance of Understanding the Mechanisms Underlying Breathing, Posture and Embouchure for Tertiary Flute and Wind Music StudentsJames KortumBronwen Ackermann
Matthew Keegan2010M.Mus. (Performance)Sonny Meets Squawk: Timbral Devices in the Saxophone Playing of Sonny RollinsPhillip Slater Craig Scott
Christopher Pidcock2010M.Mus. (Performance)An Exploration of the Compositional Idiom of E.J. Moeran with Specific Focus on his Cello ConcertoAlan Maddox Goetz Richter
Kathryn Hill2010Ph.D.Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Study of Popular Music on Commercial TelevisionPeter Dunbar-HallDiane Collins
Jocelyn Ho2010M.Mus. (Performance)Debussy and Late Romantic Performing Practices: An Investigation of Debussy's Piano Rolls of 1913Neal Peres Da Costa Gerardus Willems
Raymond Forster2010M.Mus. (Performance)An Investigation Into a Cohesive Method of Teaching Jazz Harmony and Improvisation to Elective Music Students in Secondary Schools Using the Basic Principals of Chord-scale TheoryCraig Scott Judith Bailey
Michael Kahr2010Ph.D.Aspects of context and harmony in the music of Clare FischerPeter McCallumWilliam Motzing
Thomas Talmacs2010M.Mus. (Performance)The Genesis of Brahms' Violin Concerto: An Examination of Brahms' Compositional Relationship with Beethoven, his Professional Relationship with Joachim, and the Manifestation of these Influences in his ConcertoStephen LoyStephen Loy
Maree Jones2010Ph.D.Musical Activities at the Royal Victoria Theatre, Van Diemen's Land: A Study of Cultural Practice 1827-1857Kathleen Nelson Diane Collins
Eleanor Betts2010M.Mus. (Performance)The Long Dream of Home... The Experience of Exile and its Effect on the Music of Bohuslav MartinuRichard ToopSusan Blake
Emma Fetherston2010M.Mus. (Performance)The Impact of Lionel Tertis and Early 20th Century British Compositions on the Emancipation of the Viola as a Solo InstrumentKathleen Nelson Roger Benedict
Monika Pringadi2010M.Mus. (Performance)El Puerto and El Albaicin by Albeniz: A Study of RecordingsKathleen Nelson Gerardus Willems
Ian Miller2010M.Mus. (Composition)Aspects of right and left hand technique for the classical guitarist playing original pieces written in the idiom of American folk and blues guitarMichael Smetanin Trevor Pearce
Nathan Henshaw2010M.Mus. (Performance)Blowing Zen: Non-western Influence on the Scores and Performance of Contemporary Saxophone RepertoireChristopher Coady Michael Duke
Katia Beaugeais2010M.Mus. (Composition)Compositions by Katia BeaugeaisMatthew Hindson Michael Smetanin
Thomas Millhouse2010Ph.D.Auditory-Acoustic Characterisation of Variability in the Operatic VowelDianna Kenny
Alicia Crossley2010M.Mus. (Performance)The Development of Solo Bass Recorder Repertoire in the Twentieth CenturyKathleen Nelson Alexandra Still
Peggy Polias2010M.Mus. (Composition)The Matryoshka Family: A Portfolio of CompositionsAnne Boyd Matthew Hindson
Anton Luiten2009Ph.D.Bartok's Sixth String Quartet: A Survey of the Primary Sources and an Investigation into the Work's Pitch Organization from Diatonic and Symmetrical PerspectivesRichard ToopJennifer Shaw
David John Panichi2009M.Mus. (Performance)Regulation without representation: An overview of NSW live music policy 1992-2007Phillip Slater Craig Scott
David Griffin2009M.Mus. (Performance)Cooking Up an Omelette: Elena Kats-Chernin's Mr Barbecue as an example of her 'Compositiono' approachJennifer ShawRichard Toop
Man Wan2009M.Mus. (Performance)In Search for an Interpretation of Bach's Solo Violin Partita No 2.Kathleen Nelson Goetz Richter
Jane Duncan2009M.Mus. (Performance)Leader or follower? An examination of selected works for flute and electronics, with particular reference to performance practice issues in Kaija Saariaho's 'Noa Noa'Richard ToopAlexandra Still
Megan Lang2009M.Mus. (Performance)The Keyed Flute: Intonation and articulation according to J.G. TromlitzNeal Peres Da Costa Hans-Dieter Michatz
Martin Lodge2009Ph.D.Portfolio of Compositions with Analytical NotesMary FinstererMichael Smetanin
Christopher Chen2009M.Mus. (Performance)The history and performance practice of Kunqu, sixteenth century Chinese operaDianna Kenny
Gary Holgate2009M.Mus. (Performance)A Fragmented Parallel Stream: The Bass Lines of Eddie Gomez in the Bill Evans TrioPhillip Slater Craig Scott
Mark Harris2009M.Mus. (Performance)Polyphony as a Compositional Device of Dave HollandPhillip Slater Craig Scott
Jayne Maree McNeill2009M.Mus. (Musicology)Telling His Story: Text, Music and Sources of Inspiration in Henri Dutilleux's Correspondences 2002-3Cecilia SunJennifer Shaw
Angharad Davis2009M.Mus. (Musicology)Responding to referentiality: perspectives on listener interaction with musical quotationKathleen Nelson Goetz Richter
Anna Maslowiec2009Ph.D.Sonorism and the Polish avant garde 1958-1966Peter McCallumJennifer Shaw
Joe Blythe2009Ph.D.Doing referring in Murriny Patha conversationJane SimpsonLinda Barwick
Michael Galeazzi2009M.Mus. (Performance)An Overview of the Musical Sources of Wedding SongsPhillip Slater Craig Scott
Gavin Gostelow2009M.Mus. (Musicology)Indications for the use of the Moderator in the Sonatas of Dussek and his ContemporariesNeal Peres Da Costa Cecilia Sun
Paul Watt2009Ph.D.The Intellectual Life of Ernest Newman in the 1890sJennifer Shaw Kathleen Nelson
Paul Robert Castles2009M.Mus. (Composition)Towards an aesthetic: metaphor and multiplicity as a compositional impetusTrevor PearceMichael Smetanin
Adrian Mansukhani2009M.Mus. (Composition)Portfolio of compositions by Adrian Mansukhani, with introductory essay and analytical notesAnne Boyd Matthew Hindson
Amanda Cole2009Ph.D.Compositions exploring microtonal structures and interference beatsAnthony HoodMichael Smetanin
Mern Sophian Hoe2009M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)An investigation of inter-cultural music learning and teaching in Balinese and Javanese gamelanPeter Dunbar-HallKathryn Marsh
Ivan Zavada2009Ph.D.3D - Composer: A software for micro-compositionAnthony HoodMichael Smetanin
Katherine Rawlings2009M.Mus. (Composition)Portfolio of compositionsTrevor PearceTerumi Narushima
Paula Brusky2009Ph.D.Performance Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Bassoon PlayersPeter Dunbar-HallJames Renwick
Scott Davie2009Ph.D.Structure and contour in melodies of S. RachmaninoffRichard ToopKathleen Nelson
Jane Brownlee2009M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)The transmission of traditional fiddle music in AustraliaPeter Dunbar-HallMichael Webb
Bryson Jacobs2009M.Mus. (Composition)The Development of the 7-Octave BKJ 12-string Electric Guitar and its Practical ApplicationTrevor PearceMichael Smetanin
Marilyn Wilson Brett2009M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)A study of ways in which classically trained singing teachers meet the pedagogical needs of singers of contemporary popular stylesKathryn Marsh Peter Dunbar-Hall
Christopher Berensen2009M.Mus. (Performance)Figured Bass Solo Traditions and J.S. BachAlan Maddox Cecilia Sun
Victoria Eastwood2008M.Mus. (Performance)What it Takes to Tango! The Tango and Astor Piazzolla, with Special Emphasis on "Le Grand Tango for Cello and Piano"Richard ToopSusan Blake
Lindsay Gilroy2008M.Mus. (Performance)Not just an accompanist- A study of the professional role of the twenty-first century duo ensemble pianistJennifer ShawDavid Miller
Janet McKay2008M.Mus. (Performance)The Contribution of Three Flautist-Composers (Ian Clarke, Anne La Berge, Wil Offermans) To the Evolution of a Modern Flute Language and Incorporation of 'Extended Techniques' into Mainstream Flute RepertoireRichard ToopAlexandra Still
Charles Meadows2008M.Mus. (Performance)Steve Cardenas: An overview of his musical language found in four improvisations from PanoramicCraig Scott Stephen Brien
Daniel Joshua Ross2008M.Mus. (Performance)Dive Deep into the Music: An analytical study of contour in Bobo Stenson's piano vocabularyMichael NockCraig Scott
Matthew Manchester2008M.Mus. (Performance)The trumpet's loud clangor excites us to arms: A study of expressive and formal characteristics of solo trumpet parts in the arias of G. F. HandelAlan Maddox Andrew Evans
Jennifer Barnes2008Ph.D.Audibility in the professional operatic soprano voiceMichael Halliwell Jennifer Oates
Philippa Paige2008M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)The Relationship Between Instrumental and Pedagogical Training of String Teachers and Their Self-Perceptions of Teaching Effectiveness.Kathryn Marsh Goetz Richter
Sheila Guymer2008M.Mus. (Performance)Johannes Brahms: Classicist, gypsy or 'The Best of All Wagnerians'?: Issues of tempo and rubato in Brahms performance practice, with a study of the sonatas for violin and piano, Opera 78 and 100Peter McCallumKathleen Nelson
Margaret Sarah Osborne2008Ph.D.Music performance anxiety: Conceptualisation, phenomenology, assessment and treatmentDianna KennyRoss Menzies
Gordon Monro2008M.Mus. (Composition)Portfolio of Audio-visual compositions and essay entitled "The Concept of Emergence in Generative Art"Anthony HoodMichael Smetanin
Mary Josephine Kiek2008M.Mus. (App. Mus. Perf.)Spectral characteristics of traditional Bulgarian female folk singingDianna KennyBronwen Ackermann
Stephen Loy2008Ph.D.Beethoven and Radicalism: Socio-political engagement and awareness of tradition in new music, 1968-1977Peter McCallumRichard Toop
Antares Leah Boyle2008M.Mus. (Performance)The Pattern And The Fabric: Complexity And Ambiguity In The Solo Flute Works Of Toshio HosokawaPeter McCallumAlexandra Still
Patrick Brennan2008M.Mus. (Performance)Construction Practices of the Bassoon Reed from Field to Final WireKathleen Nelson Andrew Barnes
James Fortune2008M.Mus. (App. Mus. Perf.)Performance related musculoskeletal disorders in university flute students and relationships with muscle tension, music performance anxiety, musical task complexity and musical abilityDianna Kenny
Phillip Rutherford2008M.Mus. (Composition)Portfolio of Compositions and Analytical NotesAnne Boyd Trevor Pearce
Wayne Goodwin2007M.Mus. (Composition)Bruce Smeaton: Australian Film Music Composer: His Music and His MethodMichael Smetanin Trevor Pearce
Brett Hirst2007M.Mus. (Performance)The Place of the Bass: A Study of Charlie Haden's Accompaniment of Don Cherry's Solo on 'The Face of the Bass'Craig Scott Phillip Slater
Alan Maddox2007Ph.D.On the knowledge necessary for one who wishes to recite well in the theatre: The rhetorical tradition of delivery and the performance practice of recitataivo semplice in opera seriaKathleen Nelson Peter McCallum
Julia Brennan2007M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)An Investigation into the Impact of the NSW Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus and Teacher Education Resources on the Teaching of Music in NSW Goverment Primary SchoolsKathryn Marsh
Wendy Patricia Dixon2007M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)Selection Procedures Relating to Australian Vocal Repertoire for Mid-Adolescent HSC PerformersKathryn Marsh Rowena Cowley
Neil Cameron2007M.Mus. (Musicology)Music of the Anglican Churches of the Diocese of Sydney 1836-1968Kathleen Nelson Diane Collins
Rosalind Page2007Ph.D.Poetics of Allegory and Number in the Compositions of Rosalind PageRoss Edwards Anne Boyd
Alana Blackburn2007M.Mus. (Performance)A third sound: East and West in contemporary Japanese compositions for the recorderCecilia SunNeal Peres Da Costa
Maria Micos2007M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)Music in the Greek Festival of Sydney 1980 to 2005Peter Dunbar-HallKathryn Marsh
Mary Kyriakou2007M.Mus. (Composition)Betrayal, a New Music Theatre Work: Exploring Representations of Self Through the Portrayal of Women ProtagonistsMichael Smetanin
Bridie King2007M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.)The private piano studio: Research site for practitioner inquiry in improvisation teaching and learningPeter Dunbar-HallMichael Webb
Catherine Chan2007M.Mus. (Performance)In search of an Australian music canonKathleen Nelson Imre Pallo
Helen Vidovich2007M.Mus. (Performance)From Marcel Moyse to Robert Dick: Extending the Boundaries of 20th Century Flute Playing and PedagogyRichard ToopStephanie McCallum
Matthew Van Emmerik2007M.Mus. (Performance)Controversy and Change: The Role of Recent Compositions and Repertoire in the Brass Band MovementCharles Fairchild Andrew Evans
Philippa Cook2007M.Mus. (Performance)The vocal accompanist: An examination of the pianist's role in the performance of Australian contermporary art songsKathleen Nelson David Miller
Joanne Callinan-Robertson2007M.Mus. (App. Mus. Perf.)The Effects On Vocal Quality Of The Pedagogical Imagery Of 'Halo' As A Means Of Achieving The Higher Pitch Range In Young Female Singers In The Western Classical TraditionDianna Kenny
Nicholas Paul Vines2006M.Mus. (Composition)Portfolio of CompositionsAnne Boyd Nicholas Routley
Christopher Komorowski2006M.Mus. (Performance)A Study of the Counterpoint Techniques Employed by Jazz Guitarist Martin Taylor in His Arrangement for the Unaccompanied GuitarStephen LoyRichard Montz
Nena Beretin2006M.Mus. (Musicology)A Comparative Study of Solo Classical Guitar Works by Elliott Carter and Luciano BerioRichard Toop
Joanne Toouli2006M.Mus. (Performance)Student Concertos in the Technical and Musical Development of Violin StudentsKathleen Nelson Goetz Richter
Alison Evans2006M.Mus. (Performance)Victor Burns (1984-1996): The Last Three Commissioned Compositions for Bassoon, Tenor Bassoon and ContrabassoonKaren LemonAndrew Barnes
David Michael Reaston2006M.Mus. (Composition)Intertextuality as Compositional Process: An Exploration of Three Works From the Late Twentieth CenturyTrevor PearceDamien Ricketson
Roxanne Della Bosca2006M.Mus. (Composition)Fostering Creativity in the Field of Musical Composition: A Vision for Tertiary Level PedagogyTrevor Pearce
Peter McNamara2006M.Mus. (Composition)Stretching the Boundaries of Listening: Changing Microtonal Aesthetics in the Late Twentieth CenturyMichael Smetanin Trevor Pearce
Paul McMahon2006M.Mus. (Performance)Poet, Text, Composer: Two Contrasting Approaches to John Dryden's A Song for St Cecilia's Day, 1687 by Giovanni Battista Draghi and George Frideric HandelAlan Maddox
Damien Ricketson2006Ph.D.Curious Noise: A Presentation of Five Compositions by Damien RicketsonRichard Toop
Stephen Gard2006M.Mus. (Composition)Nasty Noises: Error as Compositional Element in Contemporary Electro Acoustic MusicAnthony Hood
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