Past Special Research Events

2017 events

Out of the Shadows: Rediscovering Jewish Music and Theatre 

5 to 13 August 2017

Best Practice in Artistic Research in Music Symposium

27 to 29 September 2017

Meter Symposium 2

24 and 25 February 2017

Music in Music Education Forum, Saturday 25 February


2016 events

29 to 30 March
Presence through sound: A concert of contemporary music from or related to East Asia

24 June
Meter Symposium

In 2015, our centenary year, supported research events included:

27 to 28 February
Japanese Noh Workshop

20 March
Image-Music-Text Interdisciplinary Symposium

30 September
Noh Performance

1 October
Noh Performance

1 to 4 October
Musicological Society of Australia National Conference

6 October
Dialogues on Australia-China Music Research and Education

Musical Manuscripts and their Legacies: A Symposium in Honour of Jane Morlet Hardie

14 June 2013 –  Level 2, Seminar Room, Fisher Library, University of Sydney (Camperdown Campus)

Convened by Alan Maddox and Kathleen Nelson (Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney).

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Manuscripts of different sorts and from different parts of Europe (ca. 1450 to ca. 1750) offer their students a great and varied legacy of musical knowledge and inspiration. Symposium papers will present a range of examples of that legacy, speakers presenting results of research into or connected with musical manuscripts of a variety of types.

The Symposium was held in honour of Dr Jane Morlet Hardie, a leading Australian musicologist in the field of renaissance and early modern music manuscript studies. Dr Hardie is known to many former and current Conservatorium staff and students having been a member of the Musicology Unit staff at the Conservatorium during the 1980s and 1990s. Based now in the University of Sydney’s Medieval and Early Modern Centre, her research focuses on liturgical music manuscripts of Spanish origin owned by the University of Sydney Library.


Time Activity
9.30am Welcome
10am Keynote address
Professor Maricarmen Gómez, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
A medieval tradition in the 21st century. The case of the Song of the Sibyl
11am to 12.30pm Legacies from 18th-century manuscripts
11am Janice Stockigt, FAHA (University of Melbourne)
Reformation versus Counter-Reformation: The establishment of a Catholic Cemetery in Dresden 1724
11.30am Samantha Owens, FAHA (University of Queensland)
John Sigismond Cousser’s ‘collection of fine music’: Evidence of a pan-European repertory in London and Dublin, 1704–1727
12pm Alan Maddox (SCM, University of Sydney)
On the trail of F.A. Calegari’s mysterious passion setting of 1718
12.30pm Break
 2pm to 5pm Spanish musical legacies in the contemporary world
2pm Kathleen Nelson and Simon Polson (SCM, University of Sydney)
Introducing University of Sydney RB Add. 376 MS 376
2.30pm John Griffiths, FAHA (Monash University and University of Melbourne)
The Changing Sound of the Vihuela
3pm Break
3.30pm Keynote address
Jane Morlet Hardie, FAHA (MEMC, University of Sydney)
Decorative Traditions in Spanish Cantorales of the Long Sixteenth Century: Juan de Yciar and Some Manuscripts from the Sydney University Collection
4.20pm to 5pm Manuscript viewing and Close (Rare Books Library)


This Symposium was supported by the University Library, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Collaborative Research Scheme project “Putting Periodization to use: Exploring the Limits of Early Modernity.” 

Raymond Hanson Centenary Symposium and Concert
Saturday 23 November 2013

Convenors: A/Prof Kathleen Nelson and Dr Joanna Drimatis (SCM Musicology Unit)

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This event celebrated the centenary of the birth of Australian composer Raymond Hanson (b. Sydney 23 November 1913, d. 1976). Almost completely self-taught, Hanson developed a quietly original voice which at times came close to those of composers such as Hindemith and Bartok, and his work shares something of the richness and depth of their music. Hanson’s music has always had its passionate advocates, and the last few years have seen increasing interest. He was a long-standing member of staff at the NSW State Conservatorium of Music teaching composition, harmony and ear training, and his pupils included Nigel Butterley, Barry Conyngham, Richard Meale, Larry Sitsky and others. This symposium will celebrate and consider Hanson’s compositional work and examine its broader context. Following the symposium, we are excited and delighted to present a full concert of Hanson’s music, which will include some pieces receiving first performances, and others heard for the first time in many years.

9.30–2.30, Music Workshop

Time Activity
9.30am Graeme SkinnerMusical “Sydney moderns” between the two world wars?
10.00am Sandra Ridgewell“The Experience of Modernity”: the Sydney Composer Raymond Hanson (1913-1976)
10.30 – 11am Morning Tea
11.00am Joanna Drimatis and Neil McEwanThe Immortal Touch Part 2
11.15am Anthony Linden JonesDhoogor
11.30am Rhoderick McNeillRaymond Hanson’s Symphony Op.28 and Australian symphonies in one-movement of the 1940s and 50s
12.00pm Grahame Dudley
12.15pm Discussion
12.30 – 1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Larry SitskyOn recollections of Ray and his importance in the Australian stream
1.50 – 2.30pm Panel discussion led by Richard Toop

Concert of Music by Raymond Hanson
3.30 – 5pm, Recital Hall East, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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Performers Work
Stephanie McCallum (piano) “The Garden Seat”‘Balmoral Beach’


Members of the Sydney Conservatorium Wind Staff:Sue Newsome (clarinet), Michael Duke (sax), Aldo Baerten (flute), Andrew Barnes (bassoon), Alexandre Oguey (oboe) Divertimento for Wind Quintet- for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in B flat, Saxophone in E flat and Bassoon
Susan Collins (violin) / David Miller (piano) An Etching – 1969Seascape – 1953
Conservatorium Brass Ensemble: Cond. Joanna Drimatis / (Dir) Andrew Evans Van Diemen’s Land
Michael Halliwell (baritone) / David Miller (piano) Songs by Hanson

  1. Three Songs Op.4

i. In Fairyland

ii. Shades of night

iii. The wide world

  1. War Op.13
  2. Landing barge – off shore
Michael Kieran Harvey (piano) Piano Sonata Op.12