Tacit Knowledge in Music Performance Evaluation

Redefining tacit knowledge in music performance evaluation: preparing perceptually-aware music leaders

Helen Mitchell

How do we listen to music performers when we don’t see what we hear? Dr Helen Mitchell’s research investigates audiences’ perceptions and descriptions of performances, through sound alone and through an audio-visual fusion of sensory information. Helen is now bringing her expertise to the project ‘Redefining tacit knowledge in music performance evaluation: preparing perceptually-aware music leaders’. Working in partnership with her colleague Roger Benedict (SCM), and Dr Lotte Latukefu of the University of Wollongong. Helen’s project will enable music students to experience the complexities and pitfalls of performance evaluation, to learn from music industry experts and develop training strategies to advance their listening acuity for performance and performer evaluation. Helen says ‘I’m interested in how students learn the skills they need to judge blind and sighted auditions and performances. Students need to be able to make informed, consistent and justifiable decisions.’