Central Land Council Cultural Media Project


Myfany Turpin and Eileen Bonney view copies of film of Alyawarr women’s ceremonies recorded by Richard Moyle in the 1970s.


The Central Land Council (CLC) Cultural Media Project is a research project which aims to look at cultural media, such as photos, sound recordings and videos, from the Central Land Council area. The Central Land Council, the partner organisation in the project, is the peak Indigenous body of elected representatives from the southern half of the Northern Territory. The aim of this project is to help Aboriginal people make decisions about how they want their cultural media to be accessed and used. The project also aims to protect old recordings that are at risk of deteriorating by digitising them.

The documentary heritage of Central Australian Indigenous peoples is extensive but dispersed. The future relevance of these collections depends on several key inter-related factors: how sustainable the collections are, how well-documented and described they are, and how accessible they are to the communities who own them and to others with legitimate interests. The project runs for three years from 2015 to 2017. It is funded by the Australian Research Council and the Central Land Council.

Research questions

  1. How can Central Australian Indigenous people better access their cultural records held in dispersed collections?
  2. How can systems be established that enable efficient and culturally appropriate mobilisation of archival materials?
  3. How can archival access be established in ways that do not violate cultural protocols surrounding rights of access to and dissemination of cultural information?


Doris Stuart is pleased to get a copy of some photos of her taken by Jenny Green near Alice Springs in the 1980s.


This project is a partnership between the Central Land Council (CLC), the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne. It comprises an Investigator team with longstanding links to communities and individuals in the CLC region, and with expertise in language documentation, anthropology, linguistics, song analysis, digitisation and archiving.

Chief Investigators:

Partner Investigator:

  • Brian Connelly, Central Land Council

Senior Research Associate:

  • Jennifer Green, The University of Melbourne

Research Associate:

  • Petronella Vaarzon-Morel, The University of Sydney

Sydney Project Assistant:

  • Lauren Booker, The University of Sydney

Further Information

‘Keeping track of old memories’, Land Rights News, Nov 2016, p 21


General enquiries: scm_cmp@sydney.edu.au

Sydney project assistant: lauren.booker@sydney.edu.au

PARADISEC website: paradisec.org.au

Central Land Council (CLC) website: www.clc.org.au