Creative Research in Music


Performance as research at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music emphasises the values of creativity, originality and intellectual integrity. Members of the Sydney Conservatorium performance faculty maintain highly active and international profiles in their specialty areas. Our research covers a wide range of performance, recording, performance practice and analysis of eras from early music to jazz and all genres of contemporary music from Australia and abroad; pedagogical methods and teaching repertoire; historical development and repertoire; and style and technique as well as technological understanding and development of instruments and performers’ physical and intellectual involvement.

The Sydney Conservatorium offers excellent support for performance students, including state-of-the-art performance venues with cutting-edge technology and research laboratories. We encourage performance students undertaking research at the doctoral, masters or undergraduate level to explore traditional as well as innovative avenues of study that inspire them.


The Composition and Music Technology Unit makes an important contribution to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s research profile. This research is largely based in creative work such as composing for chamber music, orchestral music, opera and music theatre, as well as electronic and electro-acoustic music.

The postgraduate program allows students to specialise in the composition areas that interest them most, and all students find ample opportunities for the performance of their new works. The Unit’s staff represents a substantial cross-section of the most talented and internationally recognised Australian composers.