New Directions at the Con Seminars

Luke Dubber (Hermitude) Image – Chris Frape

New styles, new technology … New Directions at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Join host Jake Stone (Bluejuice) and a panel of stars in a new seminar series at the Con. We will explore the music of today, from pop to dance, experimental to digital, and the industry that supports great Australian music.

Hear from practising musicians and industry partners who will talk about themes that will be covered in our new Bachelor of Music degree in 2018. We have four new programs in Contemporary Music PracticeDigital Music and MediaCreative Music and Improvised Music. The new degree is perfect for the digital musician who might compose straight onto a laptop, the creative composer who wants to write music for games and film, the performer who loves improvising, or the student who is in the best rock band at high school.

The first two seminars feature well-known musicians from acts like Hermitude, Thundamentals, Boy & Bear, Pon Cho, Commandeur, I Know Leopard, Sarah Belkner and PVT, alongside art-makers like Victoria Hunt (creator of next year’s Dark Mofo commissioned hit Tangi Wai).

Media hosts, producers, bookers and managers will weigh in on how to balance musicianship and creativity against the harsh commercial realities and standards of the music industry in the final seminar. The seminar features names like Alistair Green (MAKER Agency), Lewis Hobba – Triple J Drive and Gemma Pike – Triple J Assistant Music Director (Triple J), Todd Wagstaff (Kirin J. Callinan / The Babe Rainbow), Katie Rynne (Tkay Maidza / All Our Exes Live In Texas), Lucy Smith (FBi Radio).

The three free seminars will run monthly at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music: Open Day at the Con on 26 August, 8 September and 27 October.

26 August (Open Day at the Con) – The Big Leap – 1 to 3pm – panellists:

How does a classically-trained musician make an impact playing in the pop and alternative radio world? Let our panel of experienced session musicians and bandleaders fill you in!

  • Jenny McCallagh (I Know Leopard)
  • Dave Symes (Boy & Bear)
  • Sarah Belkner (Ngaiire, Sarah Blasko, Olympia)
  • Luke Dubber (Hermitude)

8 September – Computer Love – 6 to 8pm – panellists:

Do you like using software and digital hardware to create out-of-this-world music and sounds, but don’t know how to find a professional outlet for your talent?

 Let our panel of artists immerse you in the digital world – from television and film score, to performance art, to festival-stage hip hop and the dark, sweaty world of nightclub culture!

  • Kevin Pon Cho (Thundamentals)
  • Boris Baghattini/Victoria Hunt/James Brown – Tangi Wai
  • Richard Pike (PVT)
  • Tim Commandeur (Operator Please, Pnau, Tkay Maidza, Commandeur)

27 October – Building A Team – 6 to 8pm – panellists:

This panel represents the cream of Australian management, booking, online media and radio talent – all integral elements to your success as a musician.

Come along and learn the industry secrets that will put you ahead of the pack.

  • Lewis Hobba and Gemma Pike (Triple J)
  • Todd Wagstaff (Parker & Mr French)
  • Alistair Green (MAKER Agency)
  • Lucy Smith (FBi Radio)
  • Katie Rynne (Select Music)
  • Larry Heath (The AU Review)
  • Radi Safi (Happy Mag)