New Chinese Music Ensemble at the Conservatorium

Nicholas Ng and Lulu Liu

Nicholas Ng and Lulu Liu

Our new Chinese Music Ensemble is an exciting new initiative that is commencing at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Semester 1, 2016. Students from a broad range of music and non-music degrees will have the opportunity to study a traditional Chinese instrument with a specialist teacher in a small group situation for an hour a week. They will also participate in ensemble rehearsals for an additional two hours a week, take part in weekly seminar-style discussions about Chinese music and the ensemble repertoire (led by Dr Catherine Ingram and musical director Dr Chai Changning), and give a number of public concerts throughout the year.

If you haven’t heard this style of music before, here is an example of the instruments, ensemble and repertoire:

The traditional Chinese instruments that students may select to learn include dizi (transverse bamboo flute), pipa and ruan (different types of fretted lutes), erhu (two-string fiddle), guzheng (zither) and yangqin (hammer dulcimer). The instrumental teachers are expert performers:

Dr CHAI Changning (dizi)

Ms Lulu LIU (pipa)

Dr Nicholas NG (erhu)

For further information, please contact Dr Catherine Ingram.