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Alison Manifold

Alison Manifold

“I was very privileged to receive the scholarship. As a student of opera at the Conservatorium, I was quite literally only able to work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The course is very demanding and often called for 9 am to 9 pm days Monday through Thursday and sometimes weekends, depending on how rigorous our rehearsal schedule was! Therefore earning money whilst studying and maintaining as high a possible level in my performance was very difficult. The scholarship greatly helped in easing the financial constraints I faced as a young emerging artist.”

ALISON MANIFOLD – supported by the Helpmann Family Foundation Fellowship

Scholarships enable our most promising students to attend the Sydney Conservatorium when they might not be otherwise able to. They help students from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, including those at a social or economic disadvantage, to make their mark. Scholarships reward talented musicians and provide financial support, enabling students to reduce the number of hours they need to do paid work, so they can focus solely on their music education. In this way, individual students benefit enormously from the generous and farsighted support of our benefactors but, in addition, so too does the nation.

Donating to the Scholarship Program allows you to provide direct support to some of the Con’s most talented students and see first hand the fascinating process of musical development that our students experience. In addition to providing updates on the scholarship student’s progress, the Con also encourages opportunities for supporters to meet their students and to attend concerts and recitals throughout the year.

As a scholarship donor, you will enjoy:

  • An invitation to the Annual Scholarships Evening, hosted by the Dean, where you can meet with the recipient of your award.
  • Wide accreditation of the award bearing a name of your choice, which will be listed on the recipient’s biography, CV and on the academic transcript that students can present to prospective employers upon graduation

A young student’s world can be changed at a crucial moment with your support. Please help us to make a difference in a student’s important journey.

Creating an endowed scholarship requires a minimum donation of $135,000, which is fully tax-deductible if made during the donor’s lifetime. A non-endowed scholarship is designed to be awarded over a finite period of time and should be a minimum of $6000 per annum.

Scholarships can be named after the donors who support them or in honour of a beloved family member, friend or colleague.

For further information, please contact Julie Young:
T +61 2 8624 8818

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