SCM Research Centre for Music Diversity: Warlpiri Women's Yawulyu Masterclass

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Music Cafe

Level 2, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Yawulyu are a genre of women’s song which is performed across Warlpiri communities in Central Australia. Core to Warlpiri identity, their poetic language, elaborate rhythms, dances and associated body designs, encode stories which connect these women to parts of Warlpiri country. Join a group of senior women from Yuendumu for a fun evening of singing and learn first hand about this endangered genre of Warlpiri song in an interactive masterclass held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Music Cafe. Following this unique opportunity you are invited to join us for a launch of a recent book and CD set containing four different Warlpiri yawulyu series.

The masterclass will involve senior Warlpiri women from Yuendumu, who will perform yawulyu songs and dances from several different parts of Warlpiri country and incorporate background stories to help understand the meanings of these songs. This fun, interactive event will also involve audience participation and open questions and answers with the Warlpiri women.

Please register here (free)

5pm – Yawulyu Masterclass

6.15pm – Drinks and canapes (complimentary)

6.30pm – Launch of Yurntumu-Wardingki Juju-Ngaliya-Kurlangu Yawulyu CD

7.00pm – Screening of Warlpiri yawulyu short films: Minamina yawulyu ‘Songs of the travelling women from Minamina’; Ngapa yawulyu ‘Rain Dreamings songs’; Warlukurlangu yawulyu ‘Songs of the place belonging to the fire’

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