Richard Toop Tribute

Friday 18 August 2017

Music Workshop

Level 1, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Please join us for a celebration of the eminent musicologist Richard Toop (1945-2017). Lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for 35 years, as well as Chair of Musicology, Richard was a leading international scholar of the musical avant-garde. Renowned for his work on the compositional methods and music of Stockhausen, Ferneyhough, Ligeti, Richard Barrett, Liza Lim, Michael Smetanin and others, Richard was also a major influence on modernism in Sydney and more broadly, Australia.

This event will involve performances and reflections from some of Richard’s friends.


  • Audience enter to Xenakis’s Metastasis (1954)
  • Welcome – Dr Rachel Campbell
  • Video: Daryl Buckley and Richard Barrett
  • Scott Davie and Taryn Fiebig (voice and piano) – Brahms songs
  • Panel discussion: Damien Ricketson, Michael Smetanin, Rachel Campbell
  • Laura Chislett (solo flute), Michael Smetanin “Backbone”
  • Panel discussion: Diane Collins and Richard Dunn
  • Tonya Lemoh (piano) Bach / Busoni “Ich ‘ruf zu dir”
  • Audience exits hall to Lassus Timor et Tremor (1564) and Prophetiae Sibyllarum (1550s)

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