Presence through sound: A concert of contemporary music from or related to East Asia SOLD OUT

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Music Cafe

Level 2, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

This special showcase concert offers a new perspective on the world of contemporary music from and related to East Asia. It includes performances drawing on a range of Chinese, Japanese and Korean-related musical genres, and given by expert performers both from and outside the East Asian region.

Concert highlights include performances of:

  • Korean sanjo on gayageum (12-string zither), haegum (2-string fiddle) and taegum (transverse bamboo flute)
  • Okinawan sanshin (3-string lute)
  • Chinese dizi (transverse bamboo flute) and pipa (plucked fretted lute)
  • Japanese shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute)
  • Jazz- and Western art music-inspired interactions with traditional Japanese and Korean musical forms and rhythmic structures

The concert is held in association with, and features presenters from, the international symposium Presence Through Sound: Place and Contemporary Music in and from East Asia (Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 29-30 March 2016).

Image credit: Young Kam (in Chinese, Dong 侗) big song singers recording their singing in a Kam minority village in Sheeam (Sanlong),  Guizhou Province, China (photo by Catherine Ingram).

Free with registration – please register here.

More information: SCM Research Unit

Dr Catherine Ingram (SCM) and Professor Keith Howard (SOAS, UK). This event is organised and hosted by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM), University of Sydney, with support from the Royal Society (UK), the China Studies Centre (Uni Syd), the Korean Cultural Centre (Sydney), The Japan Foundation (Sydney), the  Tianda Music Fund and the SCM Research Centre for Music Diversity.