Musicology Colloquium Series: Laura Hassler, Musicians without Borders

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Room 2174

Level 2, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

War Divides, Music Connects: music as a tool for empathy

As active and concerned human beings, how do we understand the state of our world and our species in these turbulent times? As musicians and music professionals, which core qualities of the art form we know and love can we access to contribute to saving lives, bridging divides, and healing the wounds of war and injustice? How do we connect effectively and appropriately with people affected by war and conflict? As artists and arts professionals, how do we frame our activism, our scholarship, our community involvement, our devotion to social change?

Musicians without Borders works in some of the world’s most intransigent conflict and post-conflict regions: Kosovo, Rwanda, Uganda, Palestine, Northern Ireland, El Salvador—and in Europe, with people driven from their homes by war, only to meet walls, fences and a climate of fear and exclusion.

In collaboration with musicians around the world, Musicians without Borders brings music to people in communities struggling with division, isolation and loss. Originally a project organization, Musicians without Borders now works to expand its impact through its training program, and by collaborating with academic communities and other artists and arts organizations. Laura Hassler, director of the organization, explores how musicians may be our era’s most powerful peacemakers.

More details about our Musicology Colloquium Series can be found here.