Masterclass with João Carlos Santos

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Room 3047

Level 3, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Sydney Conservatorium of Music offers you the opportunity to attend a masterclass with acclaimed musician, João Carlos Santos. You are invited to witness him working with talented students, workshopping techniques to perfect their craft in an ‘open lesson’ format.

João Carlos Santos
Historical Performance

Born into a family of scientists who also loved music, João Carlos Santos began a life dedicated to both the Arts and Sciences. From the age of seven, he started playing piano and recorder, but participating in the scientific environment of his house would be of significant value later on. Having lived in Brasília most of his life, he enrolled at the public school of music the city at the age of 13 to study Boehm system flute, traverso (class of Fernando Lopes), harpsichord and composition (Mardem Maluf). After finishing high school, João also chose to bring further his intellectual interests by pursuing a degree in Philosophy at the University of Brasília. There he dedicated himself to the Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Religious Studies and the Philosophy of Art.  After finishing his philosophy and music degrees, he moved to Holland in 2008 to join the flute class of Barthold kuijken at the Royal Conservatory, the Hague where he completed a bachelor and a masters in historical performance and compositional theory (under the supervision of Paul Schepers). He is currently a teacher for Philosophy, Musicology and Music Theory at that same institution.  Performing constantly in concert halls with a wide range of repertoire going from the 15th century till the early part of the 19th century, he is also often often involved in productions of contemporary music.

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