Chamber Works: The fire in which we burn

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Recital Hall West

Level 1, Sydney Conservatorium of Music Sydney NSW

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Sadie Harrison (born 1965)
with what do winter’s summers sing? (2004)
1. Calling song: Arise!
2. Song I A Dance: Spring
3. Song II A Day: Summer
4. Calling song: Come!
5. Song III A Dream: Autumn
6. Song IV A Death: Winter
7. Calling song: Away!

Jenny Duck-Chong, Bernadette Harvey

Tim Dargaville (born 1962)
Kolam, Movement III (2014)

Bernadette Harvey

Brad Taylor-Newling
Ombrone (2014)

Gillian Whitehead (born 1941)
Because of the Child (2013)

Jenny Duck-Chong

Ross Edwards (born 1943)
Five Senses: Five Poems of Judith Wright (2012)
1. Song
2. For a child
3. The Lost Man
4. The Forest
5. Five Senses

Jenny Duck-Chong, Bernadette Harvey, Joshua Hill

Jenny Duck-Chong – mezzo soprano
Bernadette Harvey – piano
Joshua Hill – percussion