Con researchers awarded ARC grants

Congratulations to Sydney Conservatorium of Music researchers, Professor Linda Barwick (Associate Dean Research and Indigenous Strategy) and Dr Catherine Ingram (Postdoctoral Research Fellow), who have been successful in securing Australian Research Council (ARC) grants over $700,000. The University of Sydney has been awarded three out of the five ARC grants for studies in creative arts and writing, two at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • Discovery Project ($524, 485 over three years) to Professor Linda Barwick and her team for their work into reclaiming indigenous performance under Assimilation in southeast Australia, 1935-75. This project aims to reframe a period of Australian history, the Assimilation era (1935-1975), to demonstrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ active intervention in public affairs through performances of music and dance. The project will collaborate with present-day communities aiming to construct an alternative history of cultural resilience and agency. Outcomes directed at academic, community and public audiences aim to better inform current debates on Australian identity, support the work of contemporary practitioners, build international networks and validate histories hitherto hidden at the heart of Australian nationhood.
  • Discovery Project ($187,344 over three years) to Dr Catherine Ingram to investigate musical resilience within marginal groups in culturally diverse societies. This project aims to examine and compare the music of minorities in one Western and one non-Western culturally diverse society to better understand how certain musics thrive. This project will improve understanding of the musical and social lives of minority communities in culturally diverse societies. By exploring how communities perceive and handle challenges to musical practices, it will expand knowledge of the ways that music can enhance the lives of minority peoples and our society. The outcomes will include practical guidance that can inform community activities and policy at a range of levels, and benefit society through positive social change.

Professor Linda Barwick, Associate Dean Research and Indigenous Strategy

Dr Catherine Ingram, Postdoctoral Research Fellow