General Safety

Safety at work is everyone’s responsibility. The University of Sydney and the Conservatorium of Music have a responsibility to ensure there is a safe work and study environment for staff and students. Equally, it is the responsibility of staff and students to be aware of and to follow safe workplace practices. Please refer to the University’s Work Health and Safety Policy and Procedures.

Safe workplace practice at the Conservatorium includes the following:

  • Use trolleys to move heavy items or equipment (see the Attendants)
  • Keep one’s own working space tidy and free of trailing cables, clutter, etc
  • Store heavy items at a suitable shelving height for safe lifting
  • Report any unsafe Conservatorium equipment to the Attendants
  • Report electrical, plumbing, lighting faults via RiskWare
  • If you see something unsafe, rectify it yourself if possible – furniture blocking doorways, rubbish on stairs, etc. If you cannot – liquid spills, building faults, etc. report it.
  • Become familiar with the location of your nearest emergency exits and the two assembly areas before an evacuation.
  • Adjust computer/keyboard/chair/desk to correct heights for comfortable use.
  • Discuss safety issues with colleagues and friends and raise your safety concerns at any Unit, or faculty committees
  • Students can raise their safety concerns with either the CSA or directly to the Conservatorium Safety Officer.

Moving equipment

Staff and students have a responsibility to move Conservatorium equipment in a safe and responsible manner. Trolleys are available from the Attendants and should be used whenever heavy equipment needs to be moved.

Moving Pianos

Staff and students must not move the pianos in studios, practice rooms or ensemble rooms without the assistance and permission of the Attendants (9351 1448) or the Piano Technician (9351 1221).

Moving pianos constitutes a manual handling risk. The University wishes to promote safe work and study practices. Pianos in the performance venues have large castors and are on hard surfaces. Pianos in the studios, practice rooms and ensemble rooms have small castors and are on carpeted surfaces; this makes these pianos more difficult to move and increases the risk of injury.