First Aid

Personal Danger – Emergency Situation

If you see a crime in progress or someone acting in a dangerous or threatening manner you should:

  • contact Building Security on 0499 037 782


  • notify the Police directly by phoning 000 (or 0-000 from an internal phone.)
    Ask to be connected to the Police Service, identify that you are calling from the Conservatorium of Music in Macquarie Street and then give details of the location and the incident.

It is not the responsibility of Building Security to arrest or detain any persons.

Injury or illness – Emergency Situations

If you become aware of someone who is seriously ill or injured, you should do all of the following:

  • Phone for an ambulance – dial 000 (or 0-000 from an internal phone ) and ask to be connected to the Ambulance Service; give the details of your location, eg. “Conservatorium of Music, Macquarie St Sydney, level 2 in room 2137” and the nature of the illness or injury.
  • Contact a Conservatorium First Aid Officer. Security Guard, Guy McEwan, Scott Ryan or Rodney Boatwright.
  • Contact Building Security on 0499 037 782

The role of the Conservatorium First Aid Officer is to provide initial assistance to stabilise an injured person until an ambulance arrives. For all other illnesses or minor injuries, staff and students are advised to seek medical attention at the nearest medical centre or hospital; some contacts are listed below.

Building Security should only be approached for First Aid assistance in an emergency situation if you are unable to contact a Conservatorium First Aid Officer.

Please Note: It is a legal requirement that all incidence of injury must be reported. Please read information on use of the Incident Report Form in section 5.

Some Local Medical Contact Information:


Casualty Dept, Sydney Hospital, Macquarie Street
9382 7111 | 8am – 6pm | Mon-Fri

Gateway Quayside Medical Centre
Level 6, Gateway Building, Macquarie Place
9241 1577 | 9am- 5pm | Mon-Fri

Macquarie Street Medical Centre
Ground Floor, 139 Macquarie Street
9247 1555 | 9am – 5pm | Mon-Fri

Womens Medical Centre
2nd Floor, 193 Macquarie Street
9231 2366 | 8am | til late


Circular Quay Gateway Dentistry
Suite 608, Foyer level, Gateway Centre
Macquarie Place | 9241 2038

City Dental Practice
Suite 3/ Level 9, 229 Macquarie Street
9221 3300 or 9221 3662

Injury or illness – Non-urgent or Minor injury

For minor injuries such as cuts and abrasions, students and staff are advised that there are First Aid Kits in the following locations:

  • In the staff mail room on level 2, adjacent to the Student Information counter.
  • In room 1171, the photocopy room in the Woodwind Division.
  • In the Library on level 2, at the Circulation Desk.
  • In room 1035, the Library Workroom, adjacent to Music Technology.
  • In room 1073, the Piano Workshop, behind the East and West Recital Halls.

These kits contain bandaids, dressings, scissors, tweezers, plastic gloves, etc for the self-treatment of minor injuries. They also contain a brief Guide to First Aid. By law, the kits should not contain any antiseptic creams or liquids, headache tablets, aspirin; please do not add anything to the contents of these First Aid Kits.