Emergency Evacuation

Emergency evacuation

If it becomes necessary to evacuate the Conservatorium, you will hear either a ‘beep….beep’ alarm or an announcement over the public address system.

How to evacuate the building

  1. When you hear the alarm, immediately make your way to the NEAREST emergency exit – marked by the green EXIT signs.
  2. Walk calmly, do NOT RUN. Take only small personal belongings such as wallet/handbag. LEAVE YOUR INSTRUMENT BEHIND.
  3. Follow the instructions from the Evacuation Wardens wearing the YELLOW HELMETS. They will indicate the nearest exit and can give assistance.
  4. Once outside the building, make your way to the nearest ASSEMBLY AREA – there are two of these located at the front or Macquarie Street side of the building as indicated on the diagrams below.
  5. Do not re-enter the building until the all clear is given by the Chief Fire Warden.

Assembly Area 1 – Conservatorium Gates

Assembly Area 2 – Govt House Gates

At least once every year there will be an evacuation drill for the entire building in order to familiarise staff and students with the procedure, exits and assembly areas. Periodically it will be also necessary to conduct training for volunteer wardens. Please consider volunteering when warden positions become vacant due to staff departures or absences.

More information about the University of Sydney’s WHS policies can be found here – sydney.edu.au/campus-life/safety-security