Work, Health and Safety

WHS Contacts

First Aid Officers

Adrienne Sach
Faculty Manager, Room 2143a
9351 1204 |
Initial emergency medical attention.

Guy McEwan
Venues Operations Manager, Room 4026
9351 1298 |
Initial emergency medical attention.

Scott Ryan
Manager, Orchestral and Conducted Ensembles, Room 3009
9351 1223 |
Initial emergency medical attention.

Building and Security    

Faculty Attendants
(The Attendants wear a blue uniform with Brookfield Multiplex embroidered on them). Room 3010 | 9351 1300 |
Assistance with moving of equipment, access to trolleys, reporting Conservatorium equipment faults, reporting safety issues relating to work or study.

MSS Security Staff
(MSS Security personal wear a white shirt and tie with the MSS logo
Concierge desk radio or 0499 037 782 |
First Aid Officers, Reports of dangerous or criminal activity. Reports of urgent safety matters

Michael Dutton
Building Services Manager, Room 3007
0458 300 562 |
Urgent repairs or building emergencies

Emergency Wardens

The University Risk Management Office maintains a comprehensive website This site contains the University’s Occupational Health and Safety policy and information on manual handling, first aid, emergency evacuation, office ergonomics, etc.A Incident Report Form is available from the Safety Officer, room 4026. Phone 9351 1295.

There is a legal requirement for the University and all its employees to comply with the NSW Government OH&S Act of 2001. It is recommended that all staff familiarise themselves with their obligations under the University’s policy, which provides the framework for compliance with the Act.

All organisational units are required to implement the University Safety Management System and set goals to improve work health and safety (WHS) performance. The Faculty WHS Action Plan 2015 is designed to assist local organisational units to meet the University’s safety planning requirements.




Reporting a Hazard, Incident or