Sydney Conservatorium of Music Strategic Plan 2016–2021

Sydney Conservatorium of Music Vision


The Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM) is a University School of the University of Sydney. It has a 100-year heritage of providing excellent music education employing prominent musicians to work with talented music students. In 2016 the University of Sydney Strategic Plan 2016-2021 was released. This document presents the SCM response that aligns to that plan and the University’s core values of excellence through courage and creativity, inclusion and diversity, openness and engagement, and respect and integrity. The SCM executive group prepared this document in April 2016.


The Sydney Conservatorium of Music provides a distinctive, innovative and creative environment for musicians to learn, create, and perform. We expect that our students and faculty will constructively engage with and impact contemporary culture, politics, technology and life through music. We aspire to be internationally recognised for leadership, excellence and the highest quality in music creation.


We aspire to prepare students for education and work at the highest level in a musical world that is sensitive to cultural difference, technically complex, and artistic diversity. It does this through the provision of flexible learning pathways that engages with local and global communities with respect and integrity.


  • Provide flexible learning pathways and curriculum
  • Focus on professional preparation for a diverse range of professions
  • Provide integrated multi-faceted music programs
  • Recruit well-qualified and musically self-directed students
  • Recognise creative and cultural diversity
  • Foster the development of University graduate qualities
  • Enhance teaching excellence and quality
  • Embrace Indigenous knowledge: both Australian and International
  • Develop cultural competence
  • Provide workplace opportunities and mentoring for Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates


Research activity through performance, composition, education, culture, language, technology and analysis is integral to the work of musicians. The SCM recognises and encourages research excellence from a diverse range of perspectives and sees musically oriented research as a contribution to cultural development and heritage.


  • Support high quality music research activity
  • Support high quality professional practice
  • Prepare high quality Non-Traditional Research Outputs (NTRO) and Traditional Research Output (TRO) outcomes
  • Improve HDR selection and completions
  • Engage with external stakeholders
  • Explore cultural competence


Music in all its forms enables meaningful engagement with communities, industry and the world. The SCM works actively to enhance the quality of life for people locally and globally through music. It does so with purpose, imagination and advocacy, engagement within the University of Sydney and through its relationships with philanthropy and community stakeholders.


  • Create strategic alliances with Asia
  • Contribute to local, national and global peak body discussions on music performance, education and creation
  • Emphasise musical advocacy
  • Foster interactions with local and national arts communities
  • Support the NSW Regional Conservatoriums
  • Focus on Open Academy relations with the local community
  • Provide a vibrant musical hub within broader Australian society, including increased staff public profiles for engagement as experts in their fields
  • Foster an outward-facing mentality in relation to musical presentations and research, including performances, commissions and presentations in major Australian arts events and colloquia.