Centenary Commissioning Project

The Sydney Conservatorium has commissioned a broad range of Australian and international composers to produce works embracing a range of styles and musical genres. The selection process was based on the individual’s contribution to music over the last century and their reputation as ‘Bright Lights’ of the 21st century.

Scores, instrumental parts, recordings, program notes and interviews will be housed in the Sydney Conservatorium Library for the benefit of performers, scholars and the general public.

It is also an important priority of the Sydney Conservatorium to encourage student composers, and this has been made possible through the Fairweather Family Prize for Student Composers. We will also include the winning piece in our official listing of the Centenary Commissioning Project.

We hope this body of new work will make a substantial contribution to contemporary music performance, creation and research and will inspire the next generation of composers. As we move towards our centenary in 2015, the Sydney Conservatorium plans to premiere many new works.


  • Gerard Brophy (QLD) – Two Views from Here
  • John Corigliano (International) – Mr Tambourine Man
  • Carl Vine (NSW) – Sonata for Piano Four Hands
  • Mark Zadro (NSW) –  X Suite
  • Peter McNamara (NSW – student composer) – Duo Charged
  • Michael Askill (NSW) – Three Places in Kathmandu
  • James Cuddeford (International) – Three Aspects of the Absolute
  • Tim Davies (International) – Conceivilization
  • Elliott Gyger (VIC) – Precipice
  • Barry McKimm (VIC) – Sonata for Tuba & Piano
  • Matthew Orlovich (NSW) – Communion of Reparation
  • Arvo Part (International) – Symphonie No.4 ‘Los Angeles’
  • John Peterson (NSW) – Race Against Time
  • Aulis Sallinen (International) – Chamber Music VIII op 94
  • Peter Sculthorpe (NSW) – String Sonata No 5
  • Daniel Manera (NSW – student composer) – Duet for Clarinet & Hi Hat
  • Brenton Broadstock (VIC) – Twelve
  • Nigel Butterley (NSW) – Seven Preludes for 2 Pianos
  • Barry Conyngham (NSW) – Fallingwater
  • Brad Gill (NSW) – Night Song for solo Timpani
  • Eric Gross (NSW) – Three Studies with a Beat
  • Kevin March (VIC) – Ouvre-Moi La Porte
  • Michael Nyman (International) – Doing The Rounds
  • Rosalind Page (NSW) – Sonnerie des Arbres
  • Ivan Zavada (NSW) – Eureka!
  • David Fulmer (International) – Vor dem Morgengrauen
  • Ross Edwards (NSW) – Piano Sonata
  • Katy Abbott (VIC) – The Domestic Sublime Part 1
  • Judy Bailey (NSW) – Another Journey
  • Stuart Greenbaum (VIC) – Organised Lounge
  • Stephen Adams (NSW) – Kalaya: Meeting Place
  • Andrew Ford (NSW) – You Must Sleep, But I Must Dance
  • George Palmer (NSW) – Song Cycle
  • Chloe Hobbs (ACT) – The Secret Fantasy of Snails
  • Anne Boyd (NSW)- Kabbarli at Ooldea – A Chamber Opera by Bob Reece and Anne Boyd
  • Michael Atherton (NSW) – Kantara
  • Katia Beaugeais (NSW) – Terra Obscura: Concerto for Saxophone
  • Damian Barbeler (NSW) – Radience
  • Huw Belling (NSW) – Subject & Object