Verbrugghen Hall

Named after Henri Verbrugghen, the Conservatorium’s founding director, Verbrugghen Hall is a world-class concert hall and the largest venue at the Conservatorium, seating a total of 528 over several sections. With exceptional acoustics designed by Kirkegaard Associates of Chicago, USA, a fixed riser system, Pogson organ and choir gallery, Verbrugghen Hall is most suited to orchestral, chamber and solo music performances with a stage capable of accommodating a full symphony orchestra. The Pogson organ, originally built in 1973, was fully restored in 2001 by the South Island Organ Company of New Zealand when the Conservatorium’s redevelopment was completed.

Technical Specifications

Technical Drawings


Seating Type Capacity
Total audience (excluding choir stalls) 491
Stalls 382
Gallery 109
Choir stalls 37
Wheelchair Two positions at back of stalls. Extra positions are possible by removal of additional seats.
Total capacity 528

Stage Dimensions

Orchestral Riser

A curved, four-tier orchestral riser system is located permanently on stage. The tiers are at the following heights from the stage:

  • Level 1: 185mm above stage, 1370mm deep
  • Level 2: 370mm above stage, 1370mm deep
  • Level 3: 555mm above stage, 1520mm deep
  • Level 4: 740mm above stage, 2620mm deep

Piano Lift

The piano lift can be raised to any height above the stage up to the top riser and can be used as an extension to the riser system. Additional risers may be added to the fourth tier to make three levels suitable for a standing or seated choir while retaining the lowest three tiers for an orchestra.

Choir Seating

Up to 82 choristers can be accommodated on Levels 4, 5 and 6 if seated on standard orchestral chairs. The piano lift must be incorporated to achieve this number. An additional 37 fixed seats are available in the choir stalls.

Stage Access

Performers enter from downstage double doors PS and OP. Sound locks isolate the areas around the downstage stage doors to the length of the auditorium. Wide corridors (3.17m) take the place of wings. Entry to the choir stalls is either from the audience gallery, the stage, or single doors at the rear of stage PS & OP. Access to the organ is gained via the choir stalls.


  • 2x ensemble rooms (5m x 9.77m) – these are separately hired where required, subject to availability
  • 2x octagonal turret rooms (approximately 3.2m in diameter)


Male and female guest artist/conductor toilets (two toilets in each) are located at the rear of the stage.

Lighting and Sound

House lighting is set and operated from panels located behind the lighting box, rear of stage OP and PS stalls door. Basic stage lighting can also be provided at additional cost. The sound box is located above the audience gallery. Recording equipment is not supplied.


  • Stage: 4x double GPOs on upstage stage wall; 2x double GPOs; 2x double GPOs in choir stalls; 1x 40amp 3-phase located behind organ
  • Sound box: 1x double GPO; 2x single GPOs

Acoustic Banners

Acoustic banners can be set to reflect your use of the venue.