Recital Halls East & West

Recital Halls East & West are used for lectures, seminars, masterclasses with visiting artists and public recitals given by Conservatorium staff and students as part of the Conservatorium concert program. Both halls are identical in all ways except their finish – Recital Hall West is finished in wood paneling while Recital Hall East has a painted masonry finish.

Both rooms have a fixed raked seating capacity of 116 with the possibility of introducing an additional 14 standing room positions at the rear of the hall.

The acoustics of both recital halls can be adjusted through the use of motorised acoustic banners and each hall is acoustically isolated.

Both recital halls are intended for use as rehearsal and performance venues for soloists and small ensembles and for masterclasses. The rooms are fully equipped as lecture theatres with tablet arms on all seats.

Technical Specifications

Technical Drawings


Seating Type Capacity
Maximum capacity 130
Permanent seating 116
Standing room 14
Wheelchair One position possible at front of stage if using permanent seats only. Suitability would depend on stage use. Two positions are possible if using the extra seats.

Stage Dimensions

Dimension Length
Width downstage 10.9m
Width upstage* 6.56m
Depth at centre to permanent seating 6.95m

* Upstage corners are ‘chopped off’ to accommodate double doors on one side and a single door, for the small triangular sound lock, on the other.

Stage Access

The stage in each recital hall can be accessed via a downstage single door and an upstage double door on the same side and an upstage triangular sound lock on the opposite side. Both upstage spaces have access to the rear corridor. The two recital halls are linked by an ante room.


2x small dressing rooms (4.6m x 2.2m) linked by one shared shower and toilet
1x ante room shared by both recital halls (9.66m x 5.95m) which has foyer access

The downstage, single-door sound lock (2.8m x 2.2m) adjoins the upstage double-door space and is capable of holding a grand piano.

Lighting and Sound

House lighting is preset and operated from panels located to the rear of the audience and in the upstage triangular sound lock. A horizontal-floored balcony provides room for recording equipment or projectors. Alternatively, leads can be run to the ante room for recording equipment. No recording equipment is supplied and the balcony is not suitable for audience members.

Audio Visual Equipment

Each Recital Hall has an automated lectern system that includes:

  • 2x podium microphones
  • 1x wireless headset
  • 1x resident PC
  • 1x preview monitor
  • 1x data projector
  • 1x screen
  • 1x DVD/CD player
  • 1x document camera
  • ability to connect an external laptop via VGA or DVI connection


Stage: 2x double GPOs on upstage wall; 10x single GPOs on upstage wall; 4x single GPOs in stage floor
Tri-angular sound lock: 4x double GPOs
Double door sound lock: 1x double GPO
Balcony: 1x double GPOs; 2x single GPOs, 12x stage lighting patch points

Acoustic Banners

Acoustic banners can be set to reflect your use of the venue.