Music Workshop

With a range of configuration options available, the Music Workshop is the most flexible venue at the Conservatorium. Flexible staging provides the option of a traditional orchestra pit (for up to 60 musicians) to accommodate operatic and theatrical performances, while the auditorium features a combination of fixed and retractable seating, creating an ideal space for music performance, multimedia presentations and lectures. With the lower level seating section fully retracted, the Music Workshop has an large flat floor providing a unique space for ‘sit-down’ events and musical performances.

The Music Workshop also features a full catwalk system, an available automated presentation system, and an acoustic banner system to allow the acoustics of the space to be adjusted according to your use of the venue.

Technical Specifications

Technical Drawings


The Music Workshop has 136 fixed seats (raked and on balconies) and 120 retractable and removable seats. The retraction of the seating bank will incur an additional fee.

Seating Type Capacity
Flat-floor configuration
Maximum capacity 216
Wheelchair Two positions possible, accessed from upper level
Orchestra pit configuration
Maximum capacity 256
Wheelchair Two positions possible, accessed from upper level


Dimension Length
Flat-floor configuration
Stage width 16.04m upstage
Stage depth to front of retractable seats 13.22m
Stage depth to permanent seats 17.62m
Height of retractable seats above stage 0m
Height of permanent seats above stage 1.54m
Trap 15 trap sections each measuring 1.24m x 1.2m are located 1.1m from upstage stage wall. These are accessed from the trap room, 6.15m deep x 10.9m wide.
Orchestra pit configuration
Stage width 16.04m upstage
Stage depth, orchestra pit up 11.44m
Stage depth, orchestra pit down 7.7m

Orchestra Pit

Dimension Length
Depth at sides* 4.67m
Floor of pit to stage height 2.49m
Pit ceiling height at upstage area and sides 2.13m

* Depth at centre is also 4.67m; however, a 0.45m wide bench runs along the downstage wall to give ‘bowing room’.

Stage Access

Double doors (without a sound lock) are located upstage PS. A wing section (2.34m wide x 4.62m long) is located upstage OP. Access to the wing section is via a single downstage door and sound lock. There are no curtains dividing the wing section from the stage. A corridor runs around the rear (2.45m wide) and OP (2.1m wide) of the stage. The Music Workshop does not have a proscenium or stage curtains. Curtains are available to surround the stage level audience doors and/or box seating area PS and OP, if desired.


2x small dressing rooms (6.45m x 4.7m), linked by two shared showers and toilets
1x stage manager’s office

Lighting and Sound

House lighting is preset and operated from panels at the stage-level audience entrance PS, and the lighting box. Basic stage concert/theatrical lighting can also be provided at additional cost. The theatrical lighting system has optional wireless control allowing flexibility in the placement of a control desk and operator. Recording should be controlled from within the audience gallery. Recording equipment is not supplied.

Audio Visual Equipment

The Music Workshop has an automated lectern system that includes:

  • 2x podium microphones
  • 2x JBL PA speakers plus subwoofer
  • 1x wireless headset
  • 1x resident PC
  • 1x preview monitor
  • 1x Projection Design F32 data projector
  • 1x 7.62m motorised screen mounted at rear wall
  • 1x DVD/CD player
  • 1x document camera
  • ability to connect an external laptop via VGA or DVI connection


Stage: 6x single dimmable points on walls; 4x single GPOs on walls; 4x double GPOs on walls; 4x single GPOs on downstage floor; 8x single GPOs on upstage floor; 1x 40amp 3phase
Orchestra pit: 8x double dimmable points at floor level; 4x single dimmable points at ceiling height
Trap room: 4x single dimmable points; 2x single GPOs
Catwalk: 72x lighting patch points; 4x double GPOs

Acoustic Banners

Acoustic banners can be set to reflect your use of the venue.