Music Café

This venue is a functioning café during working hours on weekdays. It is equipped with a baby grand piano, a small PA system and basic stage lighting. Split over two levels, it has a cabaret-style seating capacity of 20 upstairs and 110 downstairs.

Technical Specifications


Seating Type Capacity
Maximum capacity 200
Seated capacity 130
Wheelchair No set limit. Both levels are wheelchair accessible.

Stage Dimensions

Dimension Length
Width 6.3m
Depth 3.93m


There is no wing space or backstage area. Access to the stage is via the audience.

Lighting and Sound

A basic stage wash is provided. House lights are operated via a lighting panel. Mackie console with 8 channel mixing, Bose speakers, 2x radio microphones.


Stage: 6x double GPOs

Acoustic Curtain

Black, stage surround woolen curtain on runners.