Choral Assembly Hall

The Choral Assembly Hall has a low level of acoustic isolation and is designed as a space for choral and instrumental rehearsals. The hall has a wide-body configuration and seats 217 on raked seating with 169 fixed seats and 48 retractable.

The room is most suitable for rehearsals and performances by soloists and small ensembles and for use by community music groups, lectures, small-scale performances, workshops and competitions. The Conservatorium High School has first access to this space for its own purposes; therefore, it is only available after school hours and in school holiday periods.

Technical Specifications

Technical Drawings


Seating Type Capacity
Total audience 217
Permanent seating 169
Retractable seating 48
Wheelchair 3 positions possible located front of stage and rear of balcony

Stage Dimensions

Dimension Length
Upstage 11m
At front of retractable seating 14.7m
At front of permanent seating 13.43m
To retractable seating 5.37m
To permanent seating 12.5m
Audience height above stage:
To front row retractable seating 0m
To front row permanent seating 1.28m

Stage Access

Access to the stage is from a 2.2m wide corridor that runs Prompt Side (PS) stage level from behind and beside the audience raked seating. PS stage is bounded by floor to ceiling glass panels including four sets of double doors. There are no curtains for these panels.


The Choral Assembly Hall has no backstage areas. Performers may congregate in the high school cafeteria, where the PS corridor begins, prior to going on stage. The high school’s toilets are available for the performers.

Audience Access

Audience should remain outside the box office in the main foyer of the Conservatorium and be directed to the Choral Assembly Hall via the Verbrugghen Hall corridor once doors have been opened. There is minimal space directly outside the hall’s entrance doors. Audience members should use the toilets located in the Conservatorium main foyer, at street level.

Lighting and Sound

House and stage lighting is operated via a panel located behind the audience.

Basic CD playback facilities are available.


Stage: 10x single GPOs; 7x double GPOs

Acoustic Banners

There are no acoustic banners in the Choral Assembly Hall.